Superman Coloring Pages PDF

On this page, you will find stunning images of “Coloring Superman” and animated “Coloring Superman” brushes! If you ask adults or children, boys or girls, “Who’s Superman?” Everyone will answer you!

After all, everyone knows this popular superhero from comics, cartoons, and movies. Now, one of the DC superheroes can you get directly. Don’t be shy! Enjoy the pic right now!

Superman Coloring Pages

Superman, one of the most popular superheroes in the world! I’m sure you’ve met him more than once in comics, movies or cartoons. Superman is powerful and brave, has super hearing and supervision, and he can fly with super speed! And of course, he uses his superpowers only for the benefit of humanity.

Superman works in the fictional American city of Metropolis. As Clark Kent, he is a journalist for the Daily Planet, Metropolis. Superman’s in love with Lois Lane and his sworn enemy is supervillain Lex Luthor.

A close ally of Batman and Wonder Woman, Superman, is usually portrayed as a Justice League member. Like other characters in the DC Universe, several alternate versions of Superman’s story have been published over the years.

Superman’s appearance is distinctive and unique: he usually wears a blue suit with a red-yellow emblem on his chest, consisting of the letter S in the form of a shield and a red cloak. This symbol is used in many environments to indicate the character. Superman is considered an American cultural icon.

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