Printable Thanksgiving Coloring Pages PDF For Kids

Thanksgiving becomes an important part for the United States (US) citizens. For Americans, this celebration is a longstanding tradition and is celebrated every November 26 or a month before Christmas.

Thanksgiving is synonymous with a family dinner party with a roast turkey main course. Thanksgiving in its history is a special day to give thanks for the blessings of life that someone has obtained.

Printable Thanksgiving Coloring Pages For Kids

Although not related to Christmas, but Thanksgiving is often touted as the Macy Day Parade or also called the Christmas parade. This title became popular since 1924.

During the American Civil War, many battles and conflicts caused suffering for Americans. But in 1863, President Abraham Lincoln issued an official letter so that every 4th week in November became National Thanksgiving Day.

Since that determination, Lincoln invites all Americans to take time to give thanks for everything America has gone through, both the suffering and the injuries suffered by citizens due to the war, leaving everything in God’s mercy.

Based on research data by the National Turkey Foundation, in one year America consumes around 46 million turkeys, which amounts to around one fifth of all turkeys. Dawn turkey is usually a lot of food consumed on long holidays, precisely at the end of the year.

No wonder Thanksgiving is a thanksgiving for the availability of turkey’s favorite food that Americans can still enjoy. No wonder Thanksgiving is often called Turkey Day.

The highlight of Thanksgiving is a big meal. Various special dishes of this special day are served and eaten together. In addition to turkey, there are complementary in the form of vegetables, bread, until dessert. 

Thanks giving coloring pages is very nice for children so that they can feel theĀ  excitement of thanksgiving and the cordiality of home.

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