Printable Thanos Coloring Pages PDF

Thanos is a marvel fictional character. He is the enemy to be defeated in Avengers. On this page, you can find a collection of Thanos coloring pictures with no charge. So please browse this page to get them. Have fun.

Thanos comes from Titan, the moon of Saturn, which within the Marvel universe is supposed to be inhabited by eternal. During his youth, Thanos was interested in the dark arts and death, and finally, at the command of an army of galactic criminals, he destroyed his planet.

Printable Thanos Coloring Pages

To compensate for his defeat, he decided to destroy all the stars in the sky, for which he gathered the six Soul Gems to create a great gem that would allow him to destroy the stars.

For this, Thanos looked for objects more powerful than the Cosmic Cube and casually found a scroll in which he discredited the Gems of Infinity and their enormous power, a secret kept by the Primitives of the Universe.

He began to search for the gems and took them from the Intermediary, the Champion of the Universe, the Gardener, the Runner, the Collector, and the Grand Master.

With them, he formed the Gauntlet of Infinity and achieved absolute and universal mastery over all aspects of time, space, power, mind, soul, and reality and merged them with his glove, creating the Gauntlet of Infinity.

Download Thanos Coloring Pages PDF