The Miracle Tiana Coloring Pages

Tiana is the star of the movie Tiana and the Toad. She is tenacious and persevering, believes in the effort, and that if she works hard, she will be able to realize her dream.

Get The Tiana princess coloring pictures of Disney movie Tiana and the toad on this page. Choose your favorites, then makes them be a beautiful one. Happy coloring.

Tiana Coloring Pages

She sacrificed time with her friends and family so she could work and save. Her life was based on working and working every day of her life.

One day, her wealthy and very close friend Charlotte asked her to make her famous beignets for a costume party she would throw in honor of Prince Naveen’s arrival.

The amount of money that Charlotte offered her for her baking services was enough to give Tiana enough money to buy the ideal establishment that would take her, finely, to set up her longed-for restaurant.

Very happy, Tiana attends the celebration with a beautiful dress that Charlotte lends her. Hidden in her friend’s room, Tiana makes a wish to a shooting star, and then a talking frog appears in front of her.

The frog turned out to be none other than Prince Naveen, who was under a powerful spell that could only be broken by a kiss from a princess. Naveen, seeing Tiana in such an elegant dress, confused her with the real princess and asked her for a favor.

Tiana is a princess who is characterized not only by her work ethic but also by her tireless efforts to carry out her most cherished dreams. She is compassionate, determined, dreamy, reliable, and is also an excellent friend.