Tiger Coloring Pages PDF

Below we have collected some beautiful coloring pictures of tigers for you. You can print and color a crisp coloring picture of a tiger. In the wild, they are only found in Asia. But don’t worry, you can see Tiger coloring pictures here.

The tiger is a member of the family of big cats. The tiger is a predator that mainly lives in the woods and grasslands and loves to swim. Tigers prefer to live alone and not in a group. Tigers are an endangered species.

Tiger Coloring Pages

The tiger is a mammal and belongs to the family of felines. Tigers mainly live in grasslands and forests. Their diet consists of medium-sized herbivores, but when there are other conditions, they also hunt larger prey. Tigers are not social animals; the only groups of tigers that exist are mother and her cubs.

The tiger is characterized by its black striped orange-yellow fur. The stripe pattern of the tiger is unique, just like the fingerprint of a human being. A tiger has long whiskers, which it uses to find its way when it is dark. The tiger’s tail keeps him in balance when he jumps. A tiger can jump up to 6 meters high. When the tiger is angry, he beats his tail around him.

There are several species of tigers, and some are already extinct, some are still alive. I will list the species of tigers that are still alive: This tiger’s Siberian tiger is still alive about 1000 of them. The Sumatran tiger of this tiger only lives 300 of them. The Chinese tiger of this tiger still live about 50 of them, and the Bengal tiger of this tiger still live about 300 of them.

Tigers are carnivores. This means they eat meat. The tiger loves hoofed animals like Antelope, deer, wild boar, zebra, gazelle, etc. The tiger likes deer, wild boar, and zebras the most. Occasionally they also like monkeys.

Tigers not only love hoofed animals, but smaller animals also like them because frogs, birds, and fish are also welcome with the tiger. The tiger never hunts alone at night during the day. That’s clever of them because tigers can sneak around silently, and therefore the prey often doesn’t realize that a tiger is hunting him.

A tiger then often hides behind trees or a bush and waits for the right moment. When the time comes, he jumps out from behind the tree or bush and catches his prey. Tigers never hunt in open fields because there the victim is too fast. Tigers almost never attack people, but you always have to be on your guard.

Tigers have different sounds for different communication. Of course, we all know that a tiger can roar. This tiger roar can be heard three kilometers away! A tiger also makes an ‘infrasound’.

That sound is so low that humans can’t hear it. However, other animals listen and know that they are in the tiger’s territory. With this infrasound, tigers also lure partners. This low roar can be heard from much further away than an ordinary roar. The tiger is a feline and can, therefore, make a kind of purring sound. They use this to greet each other.

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