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The trains are made up of wagons that are coupled together and transported by a first car called a locomotive. They run on fixed rails and transport passengers or goods. Today, thanks to technology, some are moved on tracks designed for magnetic levitation trains.

Nowadays, these machines move thousands of people every day and are one of the most used means of transport because they are very safe and there are few accidents. You can have your own train by making the coloring pictures below be colorful.

Collection of Train Coloring Pages

The composition of the train is so simple and perfectly functional, that, until today, despite all the technological advances, such as the Japanese bullet train, still maintains the structure of locomotive plus wagons.

The train is transportation, which characterized by the dragged union of a series of wagons the locomotive. These wagons circulate over a surface, known as railroads, being nowadays one of the safest and most used means of transport, both in long trips and to cover short distances within the same province.

Although those first trains have nothing to do with the state-of-the-art technology of modern trains, the truth is that it meant a real advance, being able to make long trips connecting different points of the geography.

It was, therefore, an invention that greatly facilitated the transport of goods and consequently benefited the industries.

It should be noted that it also added security to the journey compared to other means of transport such as stagecoaches, and these stagecoaches were much easier to intercept by thieves and organized gangs.

Hence, the valuable merchandise had a plus of security traveling in these new and stunning trains.

Today, it is clear that there are much faster and more efficient means of transport. However, the importance of the train can be seen in the advantages of this means of transport over others.

For a start, it is a relatively safe and environmentally friendly means of transportation, considering the level of fuel it uses and the enormous capacity to accommodate both passengers and freight.

All developed and many developing countries have rail networks. Therefore, it is possible to travel by train to many places around the world. Another critical factor is price: although it is generally a slower mode of transport than others, the cost of a passenger is much cheaper than, say, an airplane.

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