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Children’s world can be seen in his drawings. You can print and color tulip coloring pictures of flowers. It will be the perfect one to make your child fun.

The tulip is a bulbous flower belonging to the genus “Tulip” and the family “Liliaceae”. The name tulip refers to practically all species of the genus Tulipa, which are counted in the hundreds.

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The stem is rarely branched, and the leaves are basal (near the stem), cauline, spaced, or lanceolate (semi-flattened). Concerning the stem, it is long and without significant variations, reaching quickly 20 centimeters, although there are records that can reach 70 centimeters.

The tulip has different colors to the proportion of pigments. They have as carotenoids, cyanide, pelargonidin, delphinidin, among others. These mixtures generate the changes that we know and that have made the fields where this flower is grown to be called “rainbow fields”.

There are currently more than 5,000 species of tulips around the world. Among the main species of tulips are the Gesnerian Tulip, the Fosterian Tulip, the Kaufmanniana Tulip, the Greigii Tulip, among others. The mixture and changes that these groups have undergone have allowed several dozens of hybrids to be known today.

Concerning the tulips that are cultivable, among the best known are the so-called double tulips. They are the flowers with additional petals, making it more voluptuous.

The “Lily Flower” tulips (curvilinear and showy), tulips with fringes (with six leaves and a different cut), parrot tulips (irregularly shaped, curved, and spotted) and solid-colored tulips, considered the most beautiful variety, with a base color and a contrast color.

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