Printable Turkey Coloring Pages PDF for Kids

Coloring a turkey is not the best for a child, but it could be a way for them to memorize the main characteristics of this animal. The turkey reminds us of thanksgiving. People cook the turkey at that moment. Scroll this page so that you can find excellent turkey coloring pictures below.

The turkey, in some ways, seems to be born from the fusion of a low and slow ostrich and a rather ugly peacock. It’s a bird, and like the hen, it can’t fly even if it has rather strong wings because it’s quite heavy. The head is the naked neck of red-blue color, and the male can open the tail.

Printable Turkey Coloring Pages for Kids

The wings of the turkey are rounded while its tail is composed of 18 feathers, which assumes the characteristic “wheel-shaped” shape during the courting.

The turkey is a gregarious animal that usually spends a lot of time in large groups. Although it has wings, the turkey spends most of its existence on the ground, wandering through the woods.

The organization of the group is surprisingly hierarchical: the herd of birds is led by an old specimen that regulates and disciplines any movement.

The leader of the pack will tell the others what to do and whether to fly over it.

The diet of a turkey is not complicated, and it feeds on: Herbs, Vegetables, Berries, Walnuts, Small insects.

The turkey breeding season begins in February: males and females divide and lead separate lives. When a female emits a signal, the males rush towards her and start the courting phase, challenging each other with the wheels we were talking about above and with specific verses.

Usually, the female lays between 10 and 20 eggs once a year. The nest built for laying eggs is quite bare and is composed by few feathers; usually, they are assembled around April and are found in hidden and easily defensible areas.

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