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Let us play with our coloring pictures of the whale. These large cetaceans dominate the oceans, and they’re also an excellent subject for coloring. By scrolling through this page, you can get the collection of the whale coloring pictures with no charge.

There are different species of whales, but they all have similar characteristics. They have hair, although this is something many people did not seem.

Collection of Whale Coloring Pages

Their fins are quite small compared to their body, but this is because the main motor of movement is the mighty tail, very prominent and capable of exerting an impressive force.

Usually, the body is full of parasites or barnacles that attach themselves to the skin, making each specimen unique.

The eyes are small compared to their total size, and the mouth is nothing more than an opening in the shape of a smile that is operated to filter water through the well-known baleen.

You don’t have to be a scientist to know that the whale lives in the sea. Some might think that talking about its habitat is entirely superfluous. It’s worth exploring the subject since whales live in areas where the water is warmer.

For this reason, in the cold months, it is reasonable to see whales approaching the coast. They take advantage of milder temperatures than the open sea. There are several regions in the world where, when winter comes, some whales even end up on the beach.

Only when winter is at its peak, do the whales decide to migrate to warmer places. It is curious to note that the larger animals manage to live all year round in regions as cold as the Arctic.

This is because they have so much body fat that they can easily withstand the cold currents without having to look for milder currents.

Although many people believe that whales only live in saltwater, this is not true, because you can find many species of whales in freshwater as well. On our incredible planet, there are even lakes where you can spot small whales.

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