What Do Lavender Roses Symbolize: Meaning and Significance

Lavender roses have always been a fascinating flower among the florists. They surpass the ordinary red, pink, and yellow roses in their beauty and significance. While we are all familiar with the various symbolism that red roses represent, lavender roses, on the other hand, tend to hold a special place in the world of floristry. So, what do lavender roses symbolize exactly? Here, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about this flower and dive deeper into the meaning behind them.

The various colors in which roses bloom hold a different message and significance. Similarly, lavender roses have their own way of conveying emotions. Lavender roses symbolize enchantment, uniqueness, and love at first sight. They are often used to express feelings of fascination and adoration towards someone special. Unlike the conventional red roses, lavender roses convey a sense of elegance and graceful charm that are hard to go unnoticed.

Lavender roses always make the perfect gift to show someone how much you appreciate their uniqueness. Whether it’s a budding romance, a long-term relationship, or just a gesture to appreciate a friend, lavender roses can convey the message effectively. With their ethereal beauty and captivating fragrance, these roses are a testament to love and admiration. So, why wait? Get a bouquet of lavender roses ready and make your special someone feel cherished.

The Meaning Behind Lavender Roses

Lavender roses are one of the most unique and intriguing rose colors. While roses are generally associated with love, passion, and romance, the lavender variety is often linked to more subtle expressions of feelings. What makes lavender roses different from other roses is that they have a somewhat mystical and enchanting vibe that can be hard to capture in words. That being said, let’s explore the various meanings behind lavender roses.

  • Enchantment: The lavender rose has a unique coloration that exudes an aura of enchantment and fascination. It represents a mysterious and captivating personality that fascinates others.
  • Love at first sight: Typically, red roses are used to express passionate love, but lavender roses symbolize love at first sight since their unusual hue provokes unexpected astonishment and can have a powerful impact on a person when seen for the first time.
  • Enthusiasm: Lavender rose is a perfect expression of enthusiastic admiration and pleasure in your partner’s company. Giving a lavender rose like this can express that you are attracted to your partner and that you enjoy being around them.

It is fascinating to know that the meaning of lavender roses has evolved through centuries. While purple is a color that summarizes nobility, luxury, and elegance, lavender roses have gained their unique connotation to stand alone, relaying their distinct message to the recipient.

Here’s a breakdown of what different numbers of lavender roses mean:

Number of Lavender RosesMeaning
1Love at first sight
2Deep affection and love
12Growing sense of winning the heart of your love interest
24Life-long devotion towards a special someone

The lavender rose’s meaning differs depending on the number given. It’s important to note that the meaning generated from giving varieties of lavender roses a sign of affection will depend on the person receiving the roses’ personal beliefs and also the relationship that exists between the giver and recipient. However, overall, lavender roses express an elegant and subtle show of affection that is appreciated by many.

The History of Lavender Roses

Roses are the epitome of love and beauty, and their number and colors have different meanings that people have been fascinated with for centuries. In the Victorian era, it was customary to express sentiments through the language of flowers, and therefore, different blooms had different symbolic meanings.

Lavender roses are a recent hybrid of the traditional rose and have gained popularity over the last few years. This particular rose color is a combination of blue and pink hues, which gives it a unique and delicate appearance.

  • Lavender roses were first hybridized in the late 20th century by rose breeders who crossbred different roses to create this new variety.
  • It is believed that lavender roses first appeared in Europe in the early 1900s, but they were not popular initially.
  • It was not until the 21st century that this color rose gained popularity and became a favorite among flower enthusiasts.

The demand for lavender roses has increased significantly over the years, as consumers have begun to appreciate their beauty. They have been used in various settings such as weddings and other events, or just as a gift to a special someone. The lavender rose has become a symbol of romance, elegance, and enchantment and can convey many different sentiments depending on the occasion.

The unique coloring of lavender roses has made them a popular choice for florists and designers that want to add a distinctive flair to their arrangements. They pair well with other flowers, but look exceptional when arranged alone, highlighting their unique beauty.

LavenderEnchantment, love at first sight, or majesty.

In conclusion, lavender roses may be a recent hybrid, but their unique beauty has made them a favorite among flower enthusiasts. They are a symbol of enchantment, love at first sight, and magnificence, making them an ideal gift for a romantic occasion or to the special people in our lives.

The Cultural Significance of Lavender Roses

Flowers are often used to convey a message or express an emotion. One such flower that has gained popularity among enthusiasts and florists is the rose. Roses come in different colors, each carrying a unique meaning or symbolism. Lavender roses, in particular, represent a mesmerizing spectacle that captures the essence of grace and elegance.

  • Romance: Lavender roses have a delicate and sophisticated charm that is perfect for romantic gestures. They are associated with love at first sight and are often given by individuals who have developed deep feelings for someone they barely know.
  • Mystery: The color lavender is often perceived as mysterious, inspiring curiosity and mystique. It is often associated with the unknown, the unusual, and the uncanny. In this context, lavender roses can also be given as a way to express a sense of enigma and intrigue.
  • Royalty: Historically, lavender roses have been associated with royalty, dating back to the Roman empire. During that time, lavender roses were used for decoration in palaces and castles by the royal family, effectively making them a symbol of elegance and class.

The Language of Lavender Roses

Like all flowers, roses have a language of their own. They can be used to represent different emotions and convey various messages. Lavender roses carry a specific set of meanings that can be interpreted based on the context of the gesture. Here are a few common meanings attributed to lavender roses:

  • Purity: Lavender roses can represent purity and tranquility. They are often given as a way to express a sense of calmness and serenity.
  • Admiration: Lavender roses are perfect for expressing admiration and appreciation towards someone. They represent the admiration of someone’s beauty, grace, and elegance.
  • Fascination: The color lavender is often associated with fascination, enchantment, and enchantment. Lavender roses can be used to express a sense of fascination with someone’s personality, character, or demeanor.

The Symbolism of Numbers

In addition to the color of the roses, the number of roses given can also carry a specific meaning. Here is a breakdown of what different numbers represent when it comes to lavender roses:

Number of RosesSymbolism
1Love at first sight
2Mutual love and affection
3I love you
6Fascination and infatuation
12Gratitude and appreciation
24Endless love

Understanding the meaning and symbolism of lavender roses can help you communicate a message or convey an emotion to your loved ones in a unique and meaningful way.

The different shades of lavender roses and their meanings

Lavender roses are a beautiful and unique variation of the traditional rose. They come in different shades, ranging from the palest of lilacs to the deepest, richest purples. Each shade carries a different symbolism and meaning. Here are some of the different shades of lavender roses and their meanings:

  • Pale Pink Lavender Rose: This subtle shade of lavender symbolizes love at first sight and enchantment. It is perfect for expressing romantic feelings or for sending a message of admiration to someone special.
  • Mauve Lavender Rose: Mauve is a deeper shade of lavender that symbolizes the commitment to a long-lasting love. It is often given as a gift to a partner to show appreciation and gratitude for their loyalty.
  • Purple Lavender Rose: The purple lavender rose is the most intense and vibrant shade of lavender. It symbolizes feelings of adoration, fascination, and oneness with the recipient. These roses are perfect for sending a message of deep love and affection.

Aside from the different symbolism and meanings that each shade of lavender rose conveys, the number of lavender roses in a bouquet can also be significant. Below is a table detailing the meaning of each number of lavender roses:

Number of Lavender RosesMeaning
1Love at first sight
2Mutual love and affection
3I love you
6I want to be yours
12Gratitude and appreciation
24Let’s start anew

Whether you’re expressing your love or appreciation, the different shades of lavender roses, and their meanings provide a unique way to send a heartfelt message to your loved one.

The psychology of the color lavender in roses

When it comes to roses, the color lavender represents uniqueness, elegance, and grace. It is not the first choice for many, but those who appreciate its charm are typically thought of as having a sophisticated taste. Here’s what the psychology of the color lavender in roses means.

  • Uniqueness: Lavender roses are a rare sight, so they are a symbol of unique and special affection. Gifting a lavender rose is the perfect way to communicate your love to someone who is special and one-of-a-kind.
  • Elegance: Lavender roses have a certain elegance to them, which makes them a great choice for romantic occasions like weddings and anniversaries.
  • Grace: The color lavender is known to have a calming and soothing effect, making it a symbol of grace and refinement. Lavender roses are often used to convey a feeling of serenity and tranquility.

In addition to what the color represents, the number of lavender roses you give also has a special meaning. Here’s a breakdown:

  • One lavender rose: This represents love at first sight or the beginning of a new relationship.
  • Two lavender roses: These symbolize mutual love and affection.
  • Three lavender roses: This represents three simple words: “I love you.”
  • Six lavender roses: These convey a desire to spend the rest of your life with someone.
  • Twelve lavender roses: This is a grand romantic gesture, symbolizing the intensity of your love.

When it comes to combining lavender roses with other colors, there is also a meaning to it. For instance, giving a dozen lavender roses with one red rose can be interpreted as the giver’s love for you is still burning hot despite the time you’ve been together.

Lavender Rose with…Meaning
White RosesUnity, purity, innocence
Pink RosesLove, gratitude, appreciation
Yellow RosesJoy, friendship, new beginnings
Red RosesRomantic love, passion, respect

Overall, the color lavender in roses is a symbol of beauty, elegance, and unique love. If you want to give someone a truly special gift, lavender roses are an excellent choice.

The Occasions to Gift Lavender Roses

When it comes to expressing emotions, flowers have been a language of their own. Roses, in particular, have been used to convey different messages since ancient times. Each rose color has a unique meaning associated with it, and lavender roses are no exception. Here, we will discuss the different occasions when gifting lavender roses is an ideal choice.

1. Romance: Lavender roses are associated with enchantment, and hence they make for a perfect gift for romantic occasions. Whether you want to woo your new love or surprise your longtime partner, a bouquet of these soft-hued roses will work wonders.

2. New Beginnings: Lavender roses symbolize new beginnings, and hence they are perfect for times like births, weddings, or starting a new venture. If you know someone who is starting a new chapter in their life, consider gifting them a bouquet of lavender roses to mark the occasion.

3. Sympathy: Unlike other roses that signify love and passion, lavender roses are a symbol of grace and refinement. They make for a perfect choice to offer condolences or show support during difficult times. It can be a small gesture of kindness that can make a big difference in someone’s life.

The Meaning of Number 6 in Lavender Roses

  • 6 lavender roses convey sentiments of love and adoration.
  • 6 lavender roses can mean “I miss you” and the giver wishes to be cherished always.
  • 6 lavender roses can be given to acknowledge a strong connection or bond between two people.

When considering the number of roses to gift, it’s important to note that even numbers of roses are associated with romantic relationships, while odd numbers are more appropriate for other occasions. In case of lavender roses, six roses are perfect to express love, adoration, and the desire to be cherished by the recipient.


Lavender roses are a perfect choice to express a wide range of emotions, be it love, sympathy, or new beginnings. The number 6 in lavender roses conveys sentiments of love, adoration, and a strong connection. So, the next time you want to gift someone a bouquet of roses, consider the meaning associated with lavender roses, and you will surely make their day!

The Combination of Lavender Roses with other Flowers

Lavender roses are known for their enchanting beauty and mesmerizing fragrance. They can be a perfect addition to any floral arrangement or bouquet, especially when combined with other flowers. The combination of lavender roses with other flowers can make a statement, convey a message, or enhance the overall beauty of the arrangement.

  • White Roses: The classic combination of lavender and white roses can create a timeless and elegant look. The purity and innocence of white roses complement the grace and sophistication of lavender roses.
  • Pink Roses: The combination of lavender and pink roses is a perfect expression of love, gratitude, and admiration. Pink roses symbolize love and appreciation, while lavender roses symbolize enchantment and elegance.
  • Purple Flowers: Lavender roses can also be paired with other purple flowers, such as lilacs, irises, and tulips. This combination can create a stunningly beautiful arrangement, conveying a sense of royalty and luxury.

If you want to make a bold statement, you can mix lavender roses with other vibrant and contrasting colors, such as yellow, orange, or red. This combination can create a sense of energy, enthusiasm, and excitement.

When designing a floral arrangement, it’s essential to consider the meaning and symbolism of each flower. Lavender roses symbolize enchantment, love at first sight, and a sense of wonder. By combining them with other flowers, you can create a unique and personalized message that expresses your emotions and feelings.

Lavender RosesEnchantment, Love at First Sight, Wonder
White RosesPurity, Innocence, Grace
Pink RosesLove, Gratitude, Admiration
Purple FlowersRoyalty, Luxury, Inspiration

Overall, the combination of lavender roses with other flowers can create a beautiful and meaningful floral arrangement that conveys your emotions and feelings. Experiment with different colors and flowers to find the perfect combination that reflects your personality and style.

The Significance of the Number of Lavender Roses Gifted

When it comes to the number of roses gifted, each number has its own symbolism and significance. Whether you’re giving a single bloom or a lavish bouquet of roses, the number of roses can convey a message that is just as important as the color. In the case of lavender roses, the number of blooms gifted can provide deeper meaning and context to the gesture of love, admiration, or friendship.

The Significance of Eight Lavender Roses

  • Abundance: Eight is considered a lucky number in many cultures, especially in the Chinese community. It is believed to bring good fortune and prosperity. Therefore, gifting eight lavender roses can be interpreted as a symbol of a prosperous and fruitful relationship with the recipient.
  • Milestone: Eight is also a significant number when it comes to romantic relationships. It is often gifted on the eighth month anniversary of the relationship or as a way to commemorate a significant milestone in the partnership.
  • New beginnings: In numerology, eight represents new beginnings and the infinite potential for growth. Gifting eight lavender roses can symbolize a fresh start and a renewed commitment to a relationship.

When it comes to the number of lavender roses gifted, eight represents abundance, milestones, and new beginnings. Whether you’re celebrating a significant milestone in your relationship or wishing for a prosperous future, gifting eight lavender roses is a thoughtful and meaningful gesture.

Tips for Gifting Eight Lavender Roses

If you’re considering gifting eight lavender roses, here are some things to keep in mind:

1. Choose high-quality blooms: Make sure the lavender roses you choose are fresh, fragrant, and of the highest quality. This will ensure that your gesture is well-received and appreciated.

2. Consider the occasion: Eight lavender roses can be gifted for a variety of occasions, including anniversaries, milestones, or just because. Consider the context of your relationship and choose the occasion that best fits your situation.

3. Add a personal touch: Whether it’s a handwritten note or a small gift, adding a personal touch to your gift can make it even more special and meaningful.

Occasions for Gifting Eight Lavender RosesMeaning
AnniversaryCommemorate a significant milestone in your relationship.
BirthdayCelebrate a new year of life and the infinite potential for growth.
New jobWish the recipient good fortune and prosperity in their new role.

Gifting eight lavender roses is a thoughtful and meaningful gesture that can convey a message of abundance, milestones, and new beginnings. When chosen and gifted with care, they can bring joy and happiness to the recipient for many days to come.

The Language of Flowers and Lavender Roses

Flowers have been used throughout history to convey messages and emotions in a way that words cannot express. This is known as the language of flowers, also known as floriography. Each flower has its own meaning and symbolism that can be used to convey messages depending on the occasion. Lavender roses are no exception. They are known for their delicate beauty, unique color and subtle fragrance.

The Symbolism of Lavender Roses

  • Lavender roses symbolize enchantment, mysticism and majesty. They have a mystifying and captivating effect, making them perfect for enchanting someone special.
  • They also symbolize love at first sight and instant attraction, making them a popular choice for new couples.
  • In addition, lavender roses can also be used to express feelings of admiration, elegance and refinement.

The Number 9 in Floriography

The number of flowers given can also convey a specific message. In floriography, giving nine lavender roses represents eternal love and a devotion that spans a lifetime. This makes them the perfect choice for couples celebrating their anniversary or for a wedding proposal.

Number of Lavender RosesMeaning
1Love at first sight
3Madly in love
6I want to be yours
9Eternal love
12Will you marry me?

It’s important to keep in mind that the meaning and symbolism of flowers can vary depending on the culture, time period and personal beliefs of the recipient. But no matter what the historical or cultural meaning, lavender roses remain a beautiful and charming way to express your emotions and sentiments to someone special.

The Popularity of Lavender Roses in the Floral Industry

The use of flowers as symbols and gifts has been a part of human culture for centuries. Different colors and types of flowers have their own meanings and significance. Among the different colored roses, lavender roses have captured the attention of many people. In this article, we will explore the popularity of lavender roses in the floral industry and what they symbolize.

  • Lavender roses are unique and rare: Compared to other rose colors, lavender roses are not widely available. This rarity makes them special, and people often choose lavender roses when they want to make a statement or express their admiration for someone.
  • Lavender roses enhance floral arrangements: Lavender roses add a distinct, elegant touch to any floral arrangement. They blend well with other flowers and colors, making them a popular choice for weddings, special events, and even home decoration.
  • Lavender roses symbolize love, enchantment, and fascination: In the language of flowers, lavender roses represent love at first sight and enchantment. They also convey the message of fascination, and the giver expresses their admiration for the receiver through these flowers.

Here’s a table that summarizes what lavender roses signify:

Lavender Rose ColorSymbolic Meaning
LavenderLove at first sight/enchantment/fascination

If you’re looking for a gift to express your admiration or enchantment, or to enhance your floral arrangement, lavender roses are an excellent choice. The rarity and beauty of these flowers make them a popular option in the floral industry.

FAQs: What Do Lavender Roses Symbolize?

1. What is the meaning of lavender roses?

Lavender roses symbolize enchantment, wonder, and love at first sight.

2. Are lavender roses appropriate for a romantic occasion?

Yes, definitely. Lavender roses are often used to express love and admiration.

3. Can lavender roses be used for a non-romantic occasion?

Absolutely. Lavender roses can also represent femininity, elegance, and grace. They are often used for Mother’s Day and birthdays.

4. Are lavender roses popular for weddings?

Yes, they are. Lavender roses are a popular choice for wedding bouquets and centerpieces because of their romantic and elegant appearance.

5. What do lavender roses mean in the language of flowers?

In the language of flowers, lavender roses represent a deep sense of love and tenderness.

6. What is the symbolic significance of the color lavender?

Lavender is often associated with royalty, elegance, and romance. It also represents tranquility and feminine energy.

7. How do I properly care for my lavender roses?

To properly care for your lavender roses, keep them in a vase filled with fresh water and change the water every 2-3 days. Also, make sure to trim the stems at an angle for better water absorption.

Closing Thoughts

We hope that this article helped answer your questions about what lavender roses symbolize. They are a beautiful symbol of love and admiration for any occasion. Remember to care for your roses properly by keeping them in fresh water and trimming the stems. Thank you for reading and we hope to see you again soon!