What Do Wands Symbolize in Tarot? Exploring the Meanings and Interpretations

Wands, also called staves or rods, are one of the four suits in the tarot deck. In tarot, these wands symbolize inspiration, action, and creativity. You might have seen a wand in a fairy tale, where it is used as a magical tool to cast spells or create miracles. However, in tarot, wands represent the human willpower and energy to bring ideas into reality.

Wands are associated with the element of fire, which is known for its passion, enthusiasm, and spontaneity. When you draw a wand card in a tarot reading, it signifies the need to take action, pursue your goals with determination, and have faith in your abilities. When you look at the suit of wands as a whole, it illustrates a journey of growth and transformation, where you begin with a spark of inspiration and end up with a tangible manifestation of your dreams.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced tarot reader, understanding the symbolism of wands is essential in interpreting the cards accurately. By knowing the meanings of the wands, you can tap into your inner creativity, passion, and enthusiasm to overcome challenges and turn your dreams into reality. So, the next time you draw a wand card in your tarot reading, embrace its energy, take action, and let the magic of the wands illuminate your path.

The history of wands as a tarot symbol

As one of the four suits in tarot, wands have a long history as a symbol in divination. Historically, wands were associated with magic and witchcraft, and were often used by practitioners in rituals and spells. In tarot, wands represent the element of fire, and are therefore associated with creativity, passion, and energy. The suit of wands also signifies the realm of ideas and intellectual pursuits.

  • Wands in early tarot decks:
  • In early tarot decks, the suit of wands was represented by wooden sticks or batons. The imagery often showed them being used as tools of authority, such as scepters or staves. As tarot evolved and became more complex, wands began to take on deeper meanings and associations.

  • Wands in modern tarot:
  • In modern tarot, wands are often depicted as ceremonial staffs or magic wands, symbolizing the power of the user to manifest their desires. Wands are associated with action, movement, and the power of creation. They can be seen as a symbol of the creative spark within us all, the force that drives us to make something out of nothing.

  • Wands in divination:
  • In divination, wands are often used to represent the querent’s aspirations, goals, and desires. They can also signify the obstacles that stand in the way of achieving those goals, as well as the energy and determination needed to overcome them. In a tarot reading, the suit of wands can suggest a need for action, a call to take charge of one’s life and pursue one’s dreams with passion and purpose.

In conclusion, the history of wands as a tarot symbol is rooted in the historical associations of wands with magic and witchcraft. Today, wands have taken on deeper meanings, symbolizing the power of creation, action, and determination. In a tarot reading, the suit of wands can offer guidance and inspiration to those seeking to take charge of their lives and manifest their dreams with fiery passion.

The Significance of the Wand Suit in a Tarot Deck

The wand suit is one of the four suits in a tarot deck, along with cups, swords, and pentacles. Each suit represents a different aspect of life, and the wands symbolize creativity, passion, and action. In a tarot reading, the wand cards can offer insights into how to harness that creative energy and use it to move forward towards your goals.

  • Wands are associated with the element of fire, which represents transformation, passion, and inspiration.
  • They often depict people holding or surrounded by wands, indicating a strong presence or influence of the creative energy.
  • Wands can also represent new beginnings, growth, and change.

In addition to their individual meanings, the wand cards can also have different interpretations depending on their position in a tarot spread. For example, a wand card in the past position could represent a creative project or endeavor that has already been completed, while a wand card in the future position could signify forthcoming opportunities for creativity and action.

Here is a breakdown of the individual wand cards in a tarot deck:

Ace of WandsNew beginnings, creative energy, passion
Two of WandsDiscovery, planning, exploration
Three of WandsExpansion, growth, opportunity
Four of WandsCelebration, community, stability
Five of WandsCompetition, conflict, struggle
Six of WandsSuccess, recognition, victory
Seven of WandsDefiance, courage, determination
Eight of WandsMovement, action, momentum
Nine of WandsResilience, perseverance, strength
Ten of WandsBurden, responsibility, hard work
Page of WandsCreativity, exploration, enthusiasm
Knight of WandsMotivation, adventure, impulsiveness
Queen of WandsConfidence, energy, determination
King of WandsLeadership, vision, inspiration

Overall, the wand suit in a tarot deck represents the power of creativity and action, and how we can use that energy to bring about positive change in our lives. Whether you’re an artist, entrepreneur, or simply seeking inspiration, the wand cards can provide valuable insights and guidance on your journey.

The Elemental Association of Wands in Tarot (Fire)

When it comes to tarot, the wands suit is heavily associated with the element of fire. This element is known for its passion, creativity, and energy, which are all traits that can be seen in the symbolism of the wands. Each number within the wands suit has its own unique meaning and symbolism, and the number three is no exception.

The Symbolism of Three Wands

  • The Three of Wands represents progress, expansion, and growth. It often signifies the first steps towards success and achievement.
  • Three is a powerful number in many cultures and traditions, representing balance, harmony, and manifestation. The three wands can be seen as a symbol of the three stages of manifestation: thought, action, and completion.
  • In some tarot decks, the Three of Wands shows a figure looking out over the horizon with three wands planted in front of them. This can represent the idea of having a plan or vision for the future, and taking the first steps towards making it a reality.

The Spiritual and Personal Meaning of Three Wands

The Three of Wands is a card that encourages taking action towards a goal or dream. It can represent the need for creativity, enthusiasm, and a positive outlook in order to make progress and achieve success. This card can also remind us to be patient and persistent, as the journey towards our goals may take time and effort.

The symbolism of the wands themselves can also be significant. In tarot, wands often represent spiritual or creative energy, and can be seen as a symbol of passion, inspiration, or motivation. The three wands can therefore represent a powerful and focused flow of energy towards a specific goal or purpose.

A Tarot Spread for the Three of Wands

For those looking to use tarot to gain insight or guidance around the symbolism of the Three of Wands, a tarot spread can be a powerful tool. Here is a simple three-card spread that can be used:

Card One:Represents your current situation or goal.
Card Two:Represents the action or steps you need to take in order to make progress.
Card Three:Represents the outcome or potential for success.

This spread can be used for a variety of situations, whether you are working towards a personal goal, a creative project, or a career aspiration. By tuning into the energy of the Three of Wands, you can gain valuable insight and guidance towards making your dreams a reality.

How to Interpret a Wand Card in a Tarot Reading

Wands are a powerful symbol in tarot, associated with action, creativity, and passion. These cards often represent new beginnings and the potential for growth. When interpreting a wand card in a tarot reading, there are several important factors to consider.

  • Suit: Wands belong to the suit of fire, representing passion, creativity, and action. This element is associated with intuition, energy, and inspiration. When interpreting a wand card, consider these themes and how they relate to the question at hand.
  • Number: Each wand card is associated with a different number, which can provide further insight into its meaning. For example, the number 4 represents stability, foundation, and structure. A card with four wands might suggest a solid foundation for a project or a stable relationship, while a single wand might represent new beginnings and potential for growth.
  • Imagery: The imagery on a wand card can also provide clues about its meaning. Look for themes of creativity, action, and passion, as well as any symbols or elements that stand out.

One important thing to remember when interpreting a wand card is that they often represent action and movement. These cards may suggest taking risks, pursuing your passions, and embracing new opportunities. They can also represent creativity and inspiration, urging you to tap into your inner artist and explore your creative side.

Below is a chart that outlines the different wand cards and their meanings:

Ace of WandsNew beginnings, potential, creativity
Two of WandsPlanning, decisions, partnerships
Three of WandsExpansion, growth, enterprise
Four of WandsCelebration, stability, foundation
Five of WandsCompetition, conflict, ambition
Six of WandsVictory, recognition, success
Seven of WandsChallenge, perseverance, defense
Eight of WandsExpansion, progress, movement
Nine of WandsResilience, determination, persistence
Ten of WandsBurden, responsibility, overwhelm

Remember, tarot is a powerful tool for self-discovery and personal growth. When interpreting wand cards, trust your intuition and look for patterns and themes that resonate with you. With practice, you’ll be able to tap into the transformative power of these cards and unlock your full potential.

The Spiritual Meaning Behind Wands in Tarot

The Tarot deck is a powerful tool for spiritual insight and growth. Each card in the deck has its own unique symbolism and meaning, and the wands suit is no different. Wands are often associated with the element of fire and represent action, movement, and the power of transformation. This article will explore the spiritual meaning behind wands in Tarot, specifically the numerology behind the number 5.

Number 5: The Number of Change

  • Change and transformation
  • Adaptability and versatility
  • Curiosity and exploration

The number 5 in Tarot is often associated with change and transformation. It represents adaptability and versatility, as well as curiosity and exploration. In the wands suit, the number 5 often points to a major change or upheaval in the querent’s life. This could manifest as a move, a career change, or a change in beliefs or personal values.

When the number 5 appears in a Tarot reading, it’s time to embrace change and be open to new opportunities. This is a time for growth and transformation, and the querent must be willing to adapt and explore new paths. The energy of the number 5 is dynamic and transformative, and it’s important to embrace this energy with an open mind and heart.

In conclusion, the number 5 in the wands suit of Tarot represents change, transformation, and exploration. It encourages us to embrace new opportunities and be adaptable in the face of change. The energy of the number 5 is powerful and transformative, and it reminds us to approach life with curiosity and an open mind.


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These resources provided valuable insights into the spiritual meaning behind wands in Tarot, and specifically the numerology behind the number 5.

The Symbolism of the Wand as a Tool of Manifestation in Tarot

The wand is one of the most significant tools of manifestation in tarot, symbolizing creativity, fire, and the ability to manifest one’s desires into reality. In the tarot, wands are associated with the suit of fire and represent our ability to take action and move forward towards our goals.

The Number 6: Harmony and Balance

  • The number 6 is closely associated with harmony and balance, representing the balance between the material world and the spiritual world. When the number 6 appears in a tarot reading with a wand card, it is a sign that you need to balance your goals and desires with your spiritual and emotional needs.
  • The six of wands is a card of success and victory, representing the culmination of your hard work and determination. It is a sign that you are on the right path towards achieving your goals.
  • The six of cups is a card of nostalgia and reflection, reminding you to look back on your past experiences and learn from them. This card encourages you to find balance and harmony in your current situation.

The Power of Manifestation

The wand is a powerful tool of manifestation, symbolizing our ability to use our creativity and intuition to manifest our desires into reality. By focusing our thoughts and energies, we can attract abundance and positive energy into our lives.

The wand can be used to channel our energies and manifest our desires. By using the wand as a focus, we can visualize our goals and desires, and send our intentions out into the universe. The wand can also be used in rituals and spells to increase our power and manifest our desires.

Wand SymbolismMeaning
FirePassion, creativity, energy
Crescent MoonFeminine power, intuition, psychic abilities
StarsGuidance, inspiration, possibility

The wand is a potent tool for manifestation, and by tapping into its power, we can attract abundance and positive energy into our lives. By balancing our goals and desires with our spiritual and emotional needs, we can create a harmonious and fulfilling life, filled with love, happiness, and success.

The Relationship Between Wands and Creativity in Tarot

Wands represent creativity, passion, and innovation in the Tarot. They are the suit of fire, representing energy and ambition. A wand can be an actual object, such as a staff or stick, or a symbol of power and authority.

The Number 7

The number 7 is associated with the wands in Tarot, representing creativity and imagination. It is considered a spiritual number and is often connected to the search for truth and knowledge.

  • The 7 of Wands represents defending one’s position and standing up for what one believes in.
  • The 7 of Cups represents choices and decision-making, often involving creativity and imagination.
  • The 7 of Swords represents mental agility and the ability to think outside of the box, utilizing creative solutions.

In Tarot readings, the number 7 in the wands symbolizes the need to focus on one’s creative pursuits and harness the energy and passion within. It is a time to take risks and explore new ideas.

7 of WandsDefending beliefs, taking a stand, competition
7 of CupsChoices, decision-making, imagination, illusion
7 of SwordsMental agility, creativity, resourcefulness, deception

In summary, the number 7 in the wands represents creativity, imagination, and the pursuit of knowledge. It encourages individuals to take risks and explore new ideas in their creative pursuits, uncovering new depths of imagination and innovation.

The connection between wands and personal power in tarot

Wands are one of the four suits in the tarot deck, representing the element of fire and the qualities of creativity, passion, and energy. In tarot, wands are associated with personal power and the ability to manifest one’s desires. They represent the magical tool used to channel energy and bring about change. The following subtopics delve deeper into this powerful symbolism.

The number 8: Harnessing personal power

The number 8 appears frequently in the suit of wands, representing the ability to harness one’s personal power to make things happen. In tarot, the number 8 is associated with strength, confidence, and the ability to achieve success through determination and hard work.

  • Eight of Wands: This card represents swift movement, progress, and achieving goals quickly. It symbolizes the unleashing of powerful creative energy and the ability to push past obstacles.
  • Eight of Cups: This card represents the journey of self-discovery, abandoning that which no longer serves, and embracing personal power.
  • Strength card: This card is associated with the number 8 and represents inner strength, taming one’s inner beast, and having the courage to take action despite fear.

The wand as a channel for power

The image of a wand is often associated with a magical tool used to channel energy. In tarot, the wand symbolizes the ability to tap into one’s own inner well of strength and creative power, and to use it to bring about change. It is a reminder that personal power comes from within and can be harnessed and directed towards any desired outcome.

The energy of fire

Fire is the element associated with wands in tarot. This elemental energy is symbolic of transformation, passion, and the ability to create change through action. In tarot, wands represent creative potential, the power to manifest desires, and the ability to ignite and sustain passion.

Wands Suit KeywordsAssociated Element
Passion, creativity, willpowerFire

Together, the suit of wands and the energy of fire represent the power of transformation, the ability to make things happen, and the inner strength to achieve success.

The Role of Wands in a Tarot Spread and Their Placement in the Layout

Wands are one of the four suits in a tarot deck, and they represent the element of fire. They are associated with passion, creativity, energy, and action. When wands appear in a tarot reading, they can signify ambition, determination, and drive, as well as the potential for growth and success.

The Number 9 and Wands in a Tarot Spread

The number 9 is a powerful and transformative number in tarot, and it can have significant meaning when it appears in a wands card. In a tarot spread, the placement of the wands can indicate different aspects of a person’s life, and the number 9 can provide additional insight into these areas.

  • Position 1: Past Influences – A wand card in this position can suggest that a person’s past experiences have influenced their current drive and ambition. If the card is a 9, it may indicate a turning point or moment of transformation that has led them to pursue their goals with renewed passion.
  • Position 2: Present Energy – A wand card in this position can represent the current energy and drive that a person is bringing to their endeavors. If the card is a 9, it may suggest that they are on the cusp of a major breakthrough or accomplishment.
  • Position 3: Unconscious Influences – A wand card in this position can indicate unconscious desires, fears, or motivations that are driving a person’s ambition and energy. If the card is a 9, it may suggest that there are powerful forces at work beneath the surface, pushing them toward growth and transformation.

Interpreting a Nine of Wands Card in a Tarot Spread

The Nine of Wands is a powerful and complex card that can have different meanings depending on its placement in a tarot spread. When it appears, its energy can be both positive and challenging, signifying the potential for growth and transformation, but also the need for resilience and determination in the face of obstacles.

UprightThe Nine of Wands in an upright position can indicate a person who is determined to reach their goals, even in the face of significant challenges. It may suggest that they have overcome obstacles in the past, and can draw on this experience to navigate their current situation. However, it can also indicate the need for caution and preparation, as they may need to defend their position and protect themselves from further challenges.
ReversedThe Nine of Wands in a reversed position can indicate a person who is feeling overwhelmed and exhausted by their current situation. It may suggest that they are struggling to maintain their resilience and perseverance, and need to take a step back in order to recharge their energy. Alternatively, it can indicate that they are being overly defensive or closed off, and need to be more open and receptive to new ideas and perspectives.

Overall, wands are a powerful and dynamic suit in a tarot deck, and their energy can provide powerful insights into a person’s ambitions, passions, and growth potential. Whether they appear as individual cards or are integrated into a larger tarot spread, wands can help us tap into our inner fire and drive, and empower us to pursue our goals with renewed energy and determination.

The Differences Between Traditional and Modern Interpretations of Wands in Tarot

Wands are one of the four suits in tarot, symbolizing the element of Fire and representing inspiration, creativity, and energy. The traditional interpretation of wands in tarot is that they represent growth, transformation, and spiritual rebirth. They are associated with the creative force of the universe and are often seen as a symbol of spiritual growth.

The Number 10: Completion and Renewal

In tarot, the number 10 is generally seen as a number of completion and renewal. In the suit of wands, the 10 of wands represents the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new one.

The 10 of wands can signify that a project, relationship, or phase in life has come to an end and it is time to start something new. It can also signify that the challenges and struggles that were faced in the past have led to a sense of renewal and growth.

  • The traditional interpretation of the 10 of wands is that it represents the end of a journey. It signifies the completion of a long and difficult task and the attainment of success.
  • The modern interpretation of the 10 of wands is that it represents the need to let go of old patterns and beliefs in order to experience growth and transformation.
  • Another modern interpretation of the 10 of wands is that it represents the need to delegate and ask for help in order to avoid burnout and overwhelm.
Traditional InterpretationModern Interpretation
Completion of a journeyLetting go of old patterns and beliefs
Success after hard workDelegating and asking for help
New beginningsRenewal and growth

The 10 of wands is a powerful symbol of completion and renewal, reminding us to let go of what no longer serves us and embrace the new beginnings that await.

What do Wands Symbolize in Tarot?

1. What are wands in tarot cards?
Wands are one of the four suits in tarot, representing the element of fire. They are typically depicted as long, thin rods or staves.

2. What do wands symbolize in tarot?
Wands are associated with action, creativity, and passion. They represent the energy and drive needed to accomplish our goals.

3. What do the different numbers of wands mean?
The number of wands in a tarot card can provide insight into the intensity of the energy represented. For example, one wand may symbolize a new beginning, while ten wands can represent a much more intense level of passion and drive.

4. How do wands relate to the other tarot suits?
Wands are often associated with the suit of swords, which represents air. Together, they can represent the balance between action and thought.

5. What do reversed wands symbolize in tarot?
When a wand card is reversed, it may suggest a lack of motivation or a loss of creative energy. It can also indicate that the energy is misdirected or uncontrolled.

6. How can wands be used in tarot readings?
Wands can provide insights into areas where we need to focus our energy and give us guidance on achieving our goals. They can also help us identify areas where we may be lacking motivation or passion.

7. How does the symbolism of wands relate to our everyday lives?
Wands can remind us that passion and creativity are important aspects of achieving our goals and making our dreams come true. They can also help us stay motivated and focused on what matters most.

Closing Thoughts

Thank you for taking the time to learn about what wands symbolize in tarot. We hope this article has provided you with valuable insight into this fascinating world of symbolism and meaning. Remember to visit us again soon for more articles and resources that will keep you informed and inspired!