Get Out: What Does the Deer Symbolize in Get Out?

In the movie “Get Out”, a deer plays an important role as a symbol of death and fear. As protagonist Chris and his girlfriend Rose drive to her parents’ home in the secluded countryside, they hit a deer with their car. This startling beginning foreshadows the horrors to come, both for Chris as a black man in a predominantly white setting, and for the viewer as the layers of deception and terror are slowly peeled back.

The deer itself is a common symbol in storytelling and mythology. In many cultures, the deer represents grace, agility, and pulsing life force. In others, it is an emblem of sacrifice and the spiritual realm. However, in “Get Out”, the deer is effectively deployed as a warning of the impending danger lurking beneath the surface. This symbol is a reminder that appearances can be deceiving and that danger can arise at any moment.

By using the PAS model of Problem, Agitate, and Solution, we can analyze the significance of the deer as a symbol of death and terror in “Get Out”. Instead of a solution, though, this movie offers a warning about the dangers of ignorance and racism. Chris’ experiences and the symbolism of the deer are powerful reminders that we must always remain vigilant and aware of the forces that shape our society. In this article, we will explore the meaning and significance of the deer in “Get Out”, and how it relates to the broader themes of the movie and the world at large.

Deer symbolism in African American culture

The deer is a significant symbol in many cultures, including African American culture. In this culture, the deer represents grace, beauty, and innocence. However, there is also a darker side to the deer symbolism, one that is rooted in the history of African American oppression.

  • During slavery, the deer was used as a code word for escape. Slaves would use the term “following the deer” as a way to communicate plans to escape without alerting their masters.
  • The deer also became a symbol of blackness, as the color of a deer’s skin closely resembled that of African Americans. This association was later perpetuated in derogatory ways by white supremacists.
  • Despite these negative connotations, the deer remains a symbol of resilience and perseverance in African American culture. It represents the ability to stay nimble and swift in the face of danger and oppression.

Deer symbolism in Get Out

In the movie Get Out, the deer is used as a powerful symbol throughout the narrative. The main character, Chris, hits a deer with his car early in the movie. Later, we see a mounted deer head on the wall of his girlfriend’s family home. These deer symbols represent the ongoing legacy of African American oppression and the way in which black bodies are objectified and commodified.

The deer also serves as a foreshadowing device in the movie, as it is a precursor to the darker events that Chris will experience after arriving at the family estate. This use of the deer symbolism highlights the deep-seated trauma and fear that African Americans continue to face in a society that has historically dehumanized them.

DeerRepresentation of African American resilience and oppression
Mounted deer headObjectification and commodification of African American bodies
Deer accidentForeshadowing the darker events that Chris experiences

Overall, the deer symbolism in African American culture is complex and multi-layered. In Get Out, the use of the deer as a symbol is poignant and effective in deepening the movie’s exploration of the black experience. By acknowledging and unpacking the symbolism of the deer in this context, we can gain a better understanding of the ongoing struggle for equality and justice in America.

Deer as a Representation of Innocence and Purity

The deer, also known as a symbol of innocence and purity, has been used as a powerful imagery in the movie Get Out. The innocent and vulnerable deer, seen during the opening scene of the movie, is not only a foreshadowing of the disturbing events which would unfold but is also a pervasive symbolism of the pure, white majority and the oppressed African American community. Here are a few explanations on how the deer was used in the movie.

  • Innocence: The deer, just like a child, is often seen as innocent and pure. It is a creature that is unaware of the evil in the world, a quality which embodies the innocence of Chris Washington (the protagonist) at the beginning of the story.
  • Vulnerability: The deer is also seen as a weak and defenseless animal, much like the plight of the African American community. It is a sign of oppression, representing the state of helplessness of the black people in a white-dominated society.
  • Sacrifice: When Rose’s father kills the deer and leaves it to die in agony, it is seen as a warning to Chris that he too, could become a sacrifice. It foreshadows the fate that Chris will suffer in the hands of the white family, who would use his body to prolong their own lives.

The deer symbol in Get Out perfectly showcases the theme of innocence and corruption prevalent in the movie. The symbolism attached to the deer motif is an essential tool used by director Jordan Peele to criticize the racist society and serve as a warning to the African American community, who are often victims of racial prejudice and violence.

The significance of deer antlers in the film

The deer appears throughout the movie as a recurring symbol. It is present in various forms and settings, and its role in the film is intricate. Upon deeper analysis, it becomes evident that the deer represents a multifaceted idea that stands as a metaphor for different themes, including race, mortality, and identity.

Jordan Peele intertwines various symbols of the deer to reflect a pessimistic attitude towards the oppressed African Americans and their interrelationship with society. One of these symbols is shown as the mounted deer head on the wall of the Armitage family’s home, which is decorated with antlers that gives its appearance a connotation of male dominance and power.

Here are some of the meanings of the deer antlers in the film:

  • Hunting: The antlers connected with the mounted deer head is a metaphor for the power African American bodies have in white society. The antlers serve as a reminder of an existence in which black bodies are hunted for sport, power, and ownership.
  • Mortality: The antlers are also a symbol of death and mortality. Just like a hunted deer, African Americans are susceptible to death and vulnerability in their bodies due to the racism they face every day. It symbolizes the dangers of living in a white world that values only one kind of existence.
  • Identity: Antlers are a significant characteristic of a deer, and just like that, it represents identity to African Americans. Identity to the protagonist, Chris, the Antlers on the mounted deer head remind him of his root.

The antlers serve as a powerful motif in the movie, and their symbolism is crucial in expounding the meaning behind the deer.

DeerAfrican Americans
AntlersPower, Death, Mortality, and Identity

The significance of the deer antlers in Get Out reinforces the broad and cutting commentary on racial inequality in the United States. Peele utilizes this metaphor throughout the film to create an atmosphere of dread and helplessness for Black Americans.

Deer as a Totem Animal and Its Spiritual Meaning

The deer has long been regarded as a totem animal, commonly associated with grace, sensitivity, and gentleness. As a spirit animal, the deer is believed to possess a special connection to the supernatural world, making it an important symbol in many cultures across the world.

If you’ve seen the movie “Get Out,” you may have noticed recurring appearances of a deer, and it’s no coincidence that it played a significant role in the film. Here’s what the deer symbolizes:

Deer Symbolism

  • Balanced Energy: The deer is often associated with the concept of balance and stability. People who feel a strong connection to the deer as a spirit animal are believed to be in balance with their inner selves, emotions, and energy.
  • Intuition and Inner Strength: The deer is also a symbol of intuition and inner strength, both of which are necessary for navigating through life’s challenges. People who identify with the deer as their spirit animal often possess a powerful inner strength that helps them overcome obstacles and make difficult decisions.
  • Gentleness and Sensitivity: Despite their strength, deer are gentle and sensitive creatures. As such, the deer is often associated with traits such as compassion, kindness, and empathy.

Deer as a Spiritual Guide

In many cultures, the deer is considered a spiritual guide, serving as a bridge between the physical and spiritual realms. People who feel a special connection to the deer may seek its guidance during times of uncertainty or when seeking deeper meaning in their lives.

As a spirit animal, the deer is believed to offer many lessons such as the importance of trusting your intuition and seeking balance in all things. Deer are also believed to offer guidance in matters related to love and relationships, as they are loyal and mate for life.

The Deer in “Get Out”

In the film “Get Out,” the recurring appearance of the deer is a powerful symbol of the struggle faced by the film’s protagonist, who is trapped in a situation where he is being used and exploited by others. The deer represents his own feelings of being trapped, hunted, and powerless.

The opening sceneThe setup of the film’s themes of exploitation and subjugation
The deer hit by a carThe protagonist hitting a metaphorical “wall” of oppression
The deer’s head on the wallA metaphor for the protagonist’s own impending demise if he doesn’t break free of his captors

Overall, the deer in “Get Out” serves as a powerful symbol of oppression and exploitation, as well as a reminder of the importance of breaking free from societal constraints and seeking balance and spiritual meaning in our lives.

Deer as a Symbol of Vulnerability and Prey

The deer is often used as a symbol of vulnerability and prey in various cultures and literary works, including the horror-thriller film Get Out. Here are some possible explanations behind this symbolism:

  • The deer is a gentle and graceful animal that has no natural defenses against predators. Its slender legs, sensitive ears, and large eyes make it an easy target for hunters and carnivorous animals.
  • The act of hunting deer has been a popular ritual and sport in many societies, symbolizing the power and skill of the human hunter over the natural world.
  • In some cultures, the deer represents innocence, purity, and beauty, and is associated with gods and goddesses of nature and fertility.

In Get Out, the deer appears twice as a foreshadowing of danger and violence. The first time, Chris and Rose hit a deer while driving to her parent’s estate, which creates a disturbing but fleeting image of blood and death. The second time, after Chris has already realized the sinister intentions of the Armitage family and is trying to escape, he sees a deer head mounted on the wall, which symbolizes the dominance and conquest of white people over both nature and black bodies.

SymbolismPossible Interpretations
VulnerabilityHelplessness, innocence, fragility, victimhood
PreyVictimhood, sacrifice, easy targets, natural order
HuntingDominance, power, skill, tradition
InnocencePurity, beauty, grace, spirituality

Overall, the deer symbolizes a complex mix of vulnerability and resilience, beauty and brutality, innocence and guilt. By using this symbol in Get Out, Jordan Peele taps into the fears and tensions that underlie America’s history of racial oppression and violence, and shows how seemingly harmless or decorative objects can convey deeper meanings and dangers.

The use of taxidermy deer as decor and its cultural implications

In the horror film Get Out, the deer plays a significant role as a symbol of the African American community’s suffering and oppression. Deer heads and antlers are a common sight in American homes as decorative elements, but their cultural implications are often overlooked.

  • The deer has a long history of mythological and symbolic significance across cultures. In some Native American traditions, the deer is associated with healing, compassion, and gentleness. In Celtic mythology, the deer symbolizes harmony, peace, and purity. In Christianity, the deer is a symbol of redemption and salvation.
  • In Western culture, however, the deer is often associated with hunting and masculinity. The use of taxidermy deer as decor reflects this cultural notion of dominance and power.
  • The practice of hunting and mounting deer heads as trophies has been traditionally associated with the upper class and aristocracy. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, hunting became a popular leisure activity among the wealthy. The display of taxidermy animals, including deer, became a way of showcasing one’s wealth and social status.

However, the use of taxidermy deer has also been associated with more sinister cultural implications. In the African American community, the sight of a deer head or antlers may evoke traumatic memories of slavery and Jim Crow segregation. The deer, in this context, becomes a symbol of exploitation, oppression, and violence.

In Get Out, the deer is presented as a recurring symbol of the protagonist’s trauma and racial identity. The opening scene of the film shows a deer hit by a car, which sets the tone for the rest of the film. The deer is then seen in various contexts, including in the protagonist’s nightmares and in the house of the white family that he visits.

Symbolic meaning of the deer in Get OutContext and significance
The deer as preyThe opening scene of the film shows a deer being hit by a car, representing the African American community’s vulnerability and victimization.
The deer as a warningThe protagonist has a nightmare in which a deer warns him to “get out.” The deer represents the African American community’s anxieties and fears.
The deer as a trophyThe white family keeps a deer head in their house as decor, representing their privilege and power.

The use of taxidermy deer as decor is a complex cultural phenomenon that reflects both the dominant culture’s values and the oppressed community’s struggles. In Get Out, the deer symbolizes the protagonist’s traumatic experiences as a black man in a white-dominated society. Through its use of symbolism, the film critiques the cultural norms that allow for the dehumanization of others based on race and class.

The Deer Hunting Scene and Its Symbolism

One of the most memorable moments in Jordan Peele’s “Get Out” is the deer hunting scene. This scene involves an unsuspecting deer being hit by a car and dying a gruesome death. Although it may seem like a random moment in the film, the deer hunting scene is actually rife with symbolism that represents the film’s overall themes of racism and oppression.

  • The deer represents black bodies.
  • The idea of hunting represents the long history of white people exploiting and killing black people for their own benefit.
  • The fact that the deer is hit by a car represents the unintentional harm caused by the racism that exists in society.

It’s clear that the deer hunting scene goes beyond just a shocking moment in the film. It represents the way black bodies have been hunted and killed throughout history, with a sense of detachment from the oppressors.

One interesting detail within this scene is the number 7, which is seen on the side of the car that hits the deer. This number could be interpreted in a number of ways:

  • The number 7 is often seen as lucky, representing the idea that white people have had an easier life due to their skin color.
  • In numerology, the number 7 represents perfection, knowledge, and spiritual enlightenment. This could mean that the white characters in the film believe they are superior due to their assumed knowledge and enlightenment.
  • Looking at the Bible, the number 7 is used to represent completion and wholeness. This could represent the completion of the white characters’ mission to capture and control the black bodies they desire.

Overall, the number 7 in the deer hunting scene represents the idea that white people have a sense of completion and control over the lives of black people. It’s a haunting detail that further emphasizes the film’s themes of oppression and exploitation.

The deerRepresents black bodies
HuntingRepresents white people’s history of exploiting and killing black people
The car hitting the deerRepresents unintentional harm caused by racism
The number 7Represents the completion and control white people have over black lives

The deer hunting scene in “Get Out” is a prime example of how symbolism can be used to delve deeper into the themes of a film. From the deer itself to the number 7, there are a myriad of symbols that work together to create a haunting, thought-provoking moment in the film.

The protagonist’s connection with the deer and its symbolic meaning

In the movie Get Out, the protagonist Chris Washington has a connection with a deer in the opening scene. As he drives with his girlfriend Rose to her parents’ home, they hit a deer in the middle of the road. The scene is significant as it sets the tone of the movie, and it also has a symbolic meaning.

  • The deer represents Chris’s life before meeting Rose
  • The deer symbolizes the dangers of being hunted just like the African Americans were in the past
  • The deer is a foreshadowing of Chris’s future struggles while being in an environment that seems harmless at first glance

The deer’s connection with Chris is more than just a mere accident. The incident is a warning that he is entering a world where he may become the hunted prey. It symbolizes the constant struggle African Americans face, not just in the past, but even today. The deer’s death is a metaphor for the oppression and continuous battle for survival.

Furthermore, Chris’s connection with the deer goes beyond just the opening scene. Throughout the movie, he sees deer heads mounted on the walls and armoires of Rose’s parents’ home, indicating that they have a fascination with hunting. It also suggests that the family sees Chris as prey and not their equal.

Deer SymbolismMeaning
SurvivalDeer symbolizes hardiness, grace, and survival in times of adversity, just like African Americans have had to do in the face of racism and oppression.
RenewalThe deer is a symbol of new beginnings and a new life, which Chris is trying to create for himself as he sets out to meet Rose’s parents.
A WarningThe deer’s death in the opening scene is a warning to Chris of the impending danger he will face in the world of Rose’s parents.

The deer symbolism in Get Out is crucial in depicting the horrors African Americans face even in today’s society. It represents the constant struggle for survival and the need to be resilient against all odds. Chris’s connection with the deer highlights the unequal relationship between him and Rose’s family, and it foreshadows the events that will unfold as the movie progresses.

The significance of the deer head on the wall in the final scene

The deer head on the wall in the final scene of the movie Get Out carries a significant symbolism that cannot be ignored. Different audiences have interpreted its meaning, but one thing is for sure, it plays an essential role in the climax of the movie.

  • Connection to Chris’ mom – The deer head belonged to Chris’ mom, and it represented her hunting skills. It is visible that Chris’ mom taught him how to shoot and hunt, and it’s also suggested that they shared a special bond through the art of hunting. Therefore, the deer head touches on the theme of family secrets and how families inherit certain bad traits.
  • Symbol of death – The deer head in the final scene is a reminder of the death that took place earlier in the movie. At the beginning of the film, Chris and Rose hit a deer on their way to Rose’s parent’s home. This scene was a foreshadowing of the horrors Chris was about to face and represented the death of his innocence. Hence, the deer head symbolizes the death of his old self and a rebirth of a new identity.
  • Reference to the souls taken – The deer head can also be seen as a representation of the souls taken from the black people in the Armitage family. Throughout the movie, we learn that black people have been kidnapped and their brains implanted into the bodies of white people. The deer head, with its blank empty eyes, can be interpreted as the same emptiness the victims of the Armitage family feel after losing their souls.

Lastly, the number 9 is a recurring motif in the movie, and it’s visible throughout the last scene, where the deer head is displayed prominently. The table where Chris is tied has nine chairs, nine windows panel, nine squares on the parquet floor, and nine antler points showcase on the hanging deer head. According to numerology, the number nine represents spiritual enlightenment, inner-wisdom, and sacrifice. Therefore, the presence of the number nine in the final scene suggests that Chris’s struggles and sacrifices have led him to enlightenment and that he can now see clearly.

The contrasting symbolism of the deer and the stag beetle in the film.

In “Get Out,” director Jordan Peele used symbolism to tell the story of an African American man who uncovers a horrifying secret of his white girlfriend’s family, and how they treat black people. Throughout the film, we see different animals that symbolize different things, and among them are the deer and stag beetle.

  • The deer symbolizes vulnerability:
  • Deer is known to be timid and always gets scared easily. In the film, the main character Chris, who is an African American man, hits a deer while driving on the way to his girlfriend’s parents’ house. The incident foreshadows the vulnerability and danger that Chris is going to face later on in the film. He is going to be hunted down by the white family who wants to steal his body and brain.

  • The stag beetle symbolizes power:
  • While the deer symbolizes vulnerability, the stag beetle symbolizes power and strength. In the film, the groundskeeper, who is an African American man, wears a tie clip with a stag beetle on it. The stag beetle is a metaphor for the white people who use the bodies of African Americans to gain power, just like how the stag beetle uses its large horns to intimidate its opponents and gain dominance over its territory.

The contrasting symbolism of the deer and the stag beetle in the film highlights the power dynamic between white people and African Americans, and how the white people abuse their privilege to dominate and oppress. The deer represents the easy victim, while the stag beetle represents the powerful oppressor. Jordan Peele uses animal symbolism effectively to illustrate the themes of the film and create a visual language that resonates with the audience.

Animal symbolMeaning in the film
DeerVulnerability, prey
Stag beetlePower, domination

Overall, the deer and stag beetle serve as a metaphor for the power dynamic between white people and African Americans. The deer symbolizes vulnerability and prey while the stag beetle symbolizes power and domination. These animal symbols create a visual language that reinforces the themes of the film and helps to convey its message with greater depth and nuance.

What does the deer symbolize in Get Out?

  • What is the significance of the deer in the opening scene of Get Out?
    The deer in the opening scene of Get Out represents a foreshadowing of what is to come. It is hit by a car and its death is glossed over, setting the tone for how little value is placed on black lives in the film.
  • What does the deer hunting scene mean in Get Out?
    The deer hunting scene in Get Out is a commentary on how white people appropriate black culture. The white characters make jarring comments about “breeding” the deer to make them better, which is reminiscent of slavery and how black bodies were exploited for labor and reproduction.
  • What does the deer head on the wall symbolize in Get Out?
    The deer head on the wall in Get Out is a representation of how whiteness and White supremacy are framed as the norm in society. It is a symbol of power and control, and serves to intimidate the black characters in the film.
  • What does the deer symbolism in In Get Out mean about Chris’s fate?
    The deer in Get Out foreshadows Chris’s fate. Just like the deer, Chris is robbed of his freedom and autonomy as a black man. His body is commodified and his consciousness is taken away from him.
  • What is the significance of the deer in Get Out for Rose’s character?
    The deer in Get Out is a metaphor for Rose’s character. Just like the deer, Rose lures Chris into a trap under the guise of love and compassion, only to betray him in the end.
  • What does the deer in Get Out represent for the black characters?
    The deer in Get Out represents the exploitation and dehumanization of black bodies in society. It is a symbol of how black lives are valued less, and how black people are treated as less than human.
  • What does the deer in Get Out symbolize in terms of the film’s commentary on racism?
    The deer in Get Out is a commentary on how racism operates in society. It is a metaphor for the exploitation of black bodies, and the ways in which white supremacy is normalized and reinforced.

Closing Thoughts

Thanks for reading about what the deer symbolizes in Get Out. The film is a powerful and incisive commentary on race, and its use of symbolism is a testament to its depth and complexity. From the deer’s death in the opening scene to the metaphorical significance of the deer head on the wall, every detail in the film serves a purpose and helps to convey its message. Be sure to visit again for more insightful analyses of popular culture.