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The term winter refers to one of the four climatic seasons present on planet Earth in a year, occurring between the spring and autumn seasons.

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While on the southern side, it will start on June 21 each year, and the equinox will end on September 21. The above dates may vary a little depending on the year.

In the northern hemisphere, the winter usually lasts a little longer than in the southern hemisphere. This is due to the elliptical rotation of the earth.

It is considered that this season is the coldest of the year concerning the other three seasons; for that reason, their characteristics are usually very different from the other seasons.

Since during the winter, the temperatures can be quite low, in addition to which the days usually have much shorter times of light, these characteristics can become more remarkable as one is farther from the Equator.

That is to say that one is nearer the polar circles. In some regions of the planet, the fall of snow can appear so that this one is present. Certain conditions concerning the climate must happen.

Due to the low temperatures, when people leave their homes, they usually dress in coats and unique clothes. It made to protect them from the low temperatures, such as scarves, gloves, hats, warm clothes, among others, since otherwise, the health of the person could be compromised.

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