Wreck It Ralph Coloring Pages PDF

Colouring is a fun way to develop creativity, concentration, and motor skills while forgetting about daily stress. We have coloring pictures for all ages, for all occasions and all holidays.

On this page, we give you the collection of Wreck It Ralph coloring pages. The film is about an arcade game. The main characters are Ralph and Fix-it Felix.

Wreck It Ralph Coloring Pages

The film revolves around Ralph, the bad guy of the story. Ralph doesn’t feel like being the bad guy anymore because he feels lonely. Every day he’s beaten by Felix, who gets a medal. Every night Felix goes to his house where friends surround him while Ralph goes to the garbage dump where he is all alone.

The drop comes when he is not invited to celebrate the 30th anniversary of their arcade cabinet. All of Felix’s friends are invited, even from other arcade cabinets, and there is also a sweet cake. In our Wreck-it Ralph coloring pages, you can see how Ralph reacts to the cake.

The only way the other inhabitants of Nice Town let him in is when Ralph wins a medal just like Felix does. This is the beginning of Ralph’s adventure in which he will find new friendships and maybe even save the world.

During his adventure, Ralph meets many people. From the glitchy Vanellope von Schweetz to the sergeant named Calhoun. But also many great references to existing video games can be found there. For example, we see Bowser buying by, just like the ghosts of PacMan. These references ensure that the older generation can also enjoy the film.

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