Zootopia Coloring Pages PDF to Print

Please print these cool coloring pictures of the Disney animated film Zootopia below. In the big city, Zootopia lives animals from all kinds of different areas on Earth.

The rabbit Judy Hopps discovers that it is not so easy to find her place with the police of Zootropolis. She is only allowed to issue parking tickets. Together with the fox, Nick Wilde Judy tries to solve a crime.

Cool Zootopia Coloring Pages Printable

Meanwhile, Judy has to stand between jeering and ridicule when she’s with the corps. She doesn’t give in just like that, and with the help of a fox, Nick, she bites herself into a mysterious missing person case.

The creators have well understood that if you follow the storyline, you can afford to wander off. A brilliant example is when Judy and Nick go and get a license plate from a sloth.

His name is Flash. And Flash is so incredibly slow that it even takes an eternity to blink his eyes. The slowness doesn’t add anything to the story. But it is insanely funny, and after the scene, the creators come back to the mainline.

Somewhere it is surprising that Zootopia works and has been praised by critics. The story is not innovative. You can guess how it ends.

The themes are as old as the road to Rome. It’s formula work. But formula work that is applied with so much love, dedication, and concentration, that it is impossible not to go along with it.

It’s like Judy’s enthusiasm. From the beginning, it works so contagiously that you are inclined to run out the door to pursue your dreams.

And there’s another thing that makes Zootopia stand out as an animated film. As predictable and straightforward as it is, the humor is not always suitable for children.

Different genres are combined, changing moods and atmospheres. It is comical, but also dramatic, exciting, and a touch of romance is used.

Each of the characters has a background and motivation (sometimes it comes across a bit brief, like Nick’s story), which gives them an emotional core.

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