Apple Coloring Pages PDF

Picking apples is a fun activity! There’s nothing better than biting into an apple in the orchard!  If you’re a gourmet and a fan of Tatin pie, you can choose from our apple coloring drawings. This page offers you the possibility to color the apple drawing.

Everyone knows the saying: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away forever”. But what are the real health benefits of apples? What’s behind this fruit with a thousand and one names: the fruit of knowledge, forbidden fruit, the apple of discord.

Apple Coloring Pages

Apples contain several nutrients: potassium, vitamin C, pectin, cellulose. The vast majority of these good nutrients are hidden just under the skin, which is why it is preferable not to peel them before eating them.

Apples also contain a wide variety of antioxidant compounds, including flavonoids. The apple gives rhythm to every moment of the day, baked in its natural state, or cooked in sweet or savory dishes.

It is the most cultivated fruit in the world and the most consumed in France, ahead of oranges and bananas. The average consumption of apples is about 20 kg per year and household.

It varies according to age: those under 35 years old consume around 10.5 kg per year, compared to 22 kilograms for those over 50 years old. It is the healthy fruit par excellence. However, is it recommended for people with diabetes?

Its carbohydrates provide the bulk of its calories. They also contribute to its sweet taste, with a touch of the acidity supplied by organic acids.

It contains more than 84% water, in which many minerals and trace elements are dissolved: potassium, phosphorus, zinc, copper, manganese.

Its skin and flesh contain a wide range of vitamins: vitamin C, group B vitamins, vitamin E, vitamin A; however, in moderate quantities.

The skin concentrates more vitamin C than the pulp (4 to 6 times more) but represents only a limited fraction (about 25%) of the overall vitamin C intake of the fruit.

Download Apple Coloring Pages PDF