Pineapple Coloring Pages PDF For Kids

Pineapple is a plant of tropical origin, from South America between Brazil and Uruguay. Now they are also here in the following coloring pictures below. You can print then color them with your colors. Happy coloring.

The leaves of the pineapple are long (between 50 and 150 cm in length), sword-shaped, lanceolate, hard, fibrous, enveloping, arranged in a spiral around the stem, with finely toothed edges that may or may not have thorns, depending on the variety.

Pineapple Coloring Pages For Kids

These plants can develop very well in full sun or under a soft shade. In colder areas, it should be planted in the sunniest place, although because it is small, it can easily be protected from the cold.

The high level of light contributes to the yield, the skin coloring, and the quality of the fruit. The ideal temperature for the growth of the pineapple plant is above 22 ºC, up to 30 ºC.

The temperatures below 13 ºC inhibit and stop its growth. In contrast, very high temperatures can cause the burning of the plant and the fruit to split, to prevent and reduce these effects can be used technologies such as shadow mesh, plastic mulch, and irrigation.

The leaves experience damage at temperatures of -2 ºC, and temperatures below this generate the death of the plant; the heat of 5 ºC extended for a long time deteriorates the tissue of the plant, and the fruit produced is acid. It does not resist frost.

The pineapple is not a pure fruit, and it is a fleshy infructescence or mixed fruit. It is resulting from the grouping of small grains of numerous individual flowers whose ovaries, when ripe, become fat, and many of them are welded together, giving rise to a single pineapple, with hexagonal cells on its surface.

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