Car Coloring Pages PDF


Most boys love coloring pictures of cars and racing cars. On this painting page, we have compiled motifs and figures on the subject of cars.

If you want to make Windowcolor pictures, you can also use our free picture templates for this purpose. We wish you a lot of fun with painting and handicrafts with our car pictures.

Car Coloring Pages

Everyone talks about the car, but where does the term come from? Where the word “car” comes from?

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The colloquial term for “motor vehicle” is a short form of the early 20th century. It goes back to the end of the 19th century when the noun “automobile” was borrowed from the French noun “automobile”. It means “self (auto)movers (mobile)” and originally belongs to the Greek “autós” = “self” and the Latin “mobilis” = “mobile”.

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Today the car is the most important transportation. It means that there is at least one car for every second inhabitant. There are over a billion cars in the world. And the number is growing daily. But in a long time ago, when the automobile was still in its infancy, this was unthinkable.

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Nowadays, cars are grown fast. Here are some of the car types
1. micro
2. sedan
3. CUV
4. SUV
5. pickup
6. van
7. supercar
8. truck

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