Best Lion Guard Coloring Pages Pdf to Print

The Lion Guard was released in January 2016 and is now roaring back with a vengeance on Disney+. The story follows the adventures of Kion.

Today, you can see the adventure through the following coloring pages. There are a vast number of best Lion Guard coloring pages to print. And remember to use your favorite colors. Happy coloring.

Printable Lion Guard Coloring Pages 

Kion is Simba’s second cub, entrusted with a noble mission: to form The Lion Guard, a team of brave and hardy animals who must protect the kingdom’s lands and thus maintain the so-called Cycle of Life. 

But ignoring tradition, the young man only gathers a group of fierce lions but a more original gang formed by the brave Bunga, the fast Fuli, the strong Beshte, and the sharp-eyed Ono. Will it be enough to survive in the harsh savannah?

The Lion Guard, a group tasked with ensuring the survival of the Pride Lands, is led by Kion, the son of Simba and Nala, who also serves as the series’ central character. 

In doing so, he breaks tradition by putting together a group of different animals rather than a group of lions. Kion also gets guidance from Mufasa, his grandfather, during his adventures.

In Return of the Roar, the first episode of the series, Kion receives the gift of the Roar of the Elders, a power passed down through generations of Lion Guard leaders, and he assigns his friends Fuli, Bunga, Beshte, and Ono to the Guard. 

After Simba rejects Kion’s request, Kion is visited by his grandfather Mufasa, who persuades Kion to take over as the head of the Lion Guard. 

A hyena invasion led by the avaricious Janja, a resident of the Outlands who schemes to destroy the Circle of Life and conquer the Pride Lands, is stopped by Kion. When the battle is won, Kion’s group takes over as the new Lion Guard.

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