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Chicken a bird bred both for its meat and its eggs, among the most used in the alimentation. Get the chicken coloring pictures below. There is the best collection of chicken coloring images on the page. So let’s have fun.

Chicken has short wings and poor flying ability. The hen usually differs from the male for the smaller stature, the less colored plumage, the smaller and floppy crest, the shorter tail feathers, and the lack of spurs. The hens lay and brood alone up to twenty eggs, and look at their chicks by themselves.

Best Collection of Chicken Coloring Pages

Examples: Hamburg, with white legs and white skin, with pink crest, and white straw-colored, straw-black, golden and golden-striped plumage. Andalusian, small, with black legs and grey coat, simple crest and blue color.

HETEROSOME BREEDS develop late (8 months), lay reddish-shelled eggs, are not very fertile, have a late soaring, are plentiful, and are therefore suitable for meat production.

Examples: Brahama, is a giant breed with yellow skin and yellow legs covered with feathers, pea crest and white plumage, golden, and golden-striped.

INTERMEDIATE BREEDS come from the crossing of the two previous races, lay eggs with reddish shell, they have a slow but abundant development.

Examples: Plymouth Rock, with legs and yellow skin, simple crest and white, tawny, or crossed plumage. Rhode Island, with legs and yellow coat, simple or pink crest, and white or red feather; New Hampshire, with legs and yellow skin, simple crest and white or red plumage.

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