Easter Coloring Pages PDF

Easter is a celebration of Christians who commemorate the event of Jesus Christ being revived (or “resurrected”).  Easter celebrations are popular with the giving of colorful eggs filled with chocolate.

This tradition also derived from an ancient Greek tradition celebrating the arrival of the flower season and leaving a gloomy or frozen winter. 

Easter Coloring Pages

Easter is also identical to after Halloween. Among the most popular sweet treats related to today is the chocolate egg. Over the past decade, the best-selling non-chocolate Easter candy is marshmallow Peep, sweet sugar and pastel color. 

One of the most popular Easter traditions is the Easter basket, which at first was more of a Easter rabbit nest. The Easter Basket is inspired by the concept of fertility and spring, like many other Easter traditions.

Children will make a “nest” filled with grass, hoping Peter Cottontail will fill the nest with eggs. Nests gradually develop and turn into baskets, which are not messy, easier to carry, and of course larger.

Easter trinkets are very interesting to be used as coloring pages material. Children will be very excited in coloring pictures about Easter stuffs becuse they can imagine about the joy of Easter celebration.

Download Easter Coloring Pages PDF