Fireworks Coloring Pages PDF

Fireworks. Explosives originating in ancient China, are used in large celebrations such as the New Year, where impressive light shows are offered.

Today, you can celebrate your day anytime with the fireworks coloring pictures below. There is a collection of fireworks coloring pictures to print. So let have fun.

Fireworks Coloring Pages

Some sources say the discovery occurred 2,000 years ago and others in the 9th century, during the Son dynasty (960-1279), although this may be the confusion that arises between the discovery of gunpowder and the invention of fireworks.

Some sources suggest that fireworks may have originated in India, but on October 18, 2003, an online edition of an Indian newspaper credits China with discovering gunpowder.

A Chinese monk named Li Tian, who lived near the city of Liu Yang in Hunan Province, is credited with inventing fireworks 1,000 years ago.

The Chinese celebrate the invention of fireworks on April 8 by offering sacrifices to Li Tian. During the Song Dynasty, the local people established a temple dedicated to Li Tian.

The fireworks are generated from the mixture of certain chemical elements. So they were discovered by accident. Over time, the manufacture of fireworks evolved into what we know today.

Fireworks of the most diverse shapes, sizes, and colors make our most significant celebrations genuinely magical.

Fireworks, then and now, have been attributed the power to avoid evil spirits and ghosts, which are chased away with the bursts of fireworks. Fireworks are used today to celebrate births, deaths, and birthdays.

The Chinese New Year is a viral event that is celebrated with fireworks that chase away the evil spirits.

The use of indoor fireworks is hazardous, as they can cause terrible accidents, the most common being high-grade burns.

Many countries have banned the sale of fireworks for private use, and they are only allowed at public events where they are safe and handled by experts.

Download Fireworks Coloring Pages PDF