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On this page, you will be able to find illustrations to print and color the foxes. There will be some for all tastes and all ages. Some of the pictures are especially suitable for the youngest ones. So, good fox coloring!

The fox is a mammalian animal that weighs six to seven kilos. It has a long, pointed snout, large, erect ears, five claws on its front legs, and four claws on its hind legs.

Amazing Fox Coloring Pages

They are carnivorous animals that are also very sociable. Discover the most beautiful pictures of this funny animal. The fox is usually reddish-brown, but there are also white foxes.

The fox can live in a wide variety of places: in the mountains, parks, woods. It lives in a burrow that often has 3 to 4 entrances. The burrow is not always occupied, although females stay in their habitat the longest to have their young.

The fox covers the burrow with her hair to welcome her babies. During the day, the fox usually shelters under roots or in a wooden dam.

The fox’s diet is very varied: rodents, birds, insects, eggs, and earthworms. It eats few moles but kills hedgehogs. In the city, the fox can forage in garbage cans for food. In summer and spring, the fox eats fruits that have fallen from trees.

The fox likes to vary its food and often hides what it finds to give it to the fox. It is more often the males who hunt and who travel the most kilometers to find food.

Males mate from December to February. The gestation period is 52 days, and the female can bear 4 to 5 young. The female can have only one litter per year. The babies weigh 100g at birth and have dark brown fur.

The fox’s face does not turn red until the fourth week when the snout becomes elongated. The babies are born deaf and blind and need their mother for the first three weeks. They are weaned after six weeks and start eating meat at four weeks.

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