Minecraft Coloring Pages PDF

The world of Minecraft is indeed a difficult concept to understand by parents. But the video game has become so popular among children and adolescents that it bears the title as the most watched video game on Youtube.

This is not surprising for parents whose children are ‘addicted’ to Minecraft. The game really makes them so addicted that it is difficult to get them to play bicycles, fishing, visiting parks, and other activities.

Printable Minecraft Coloring Pages Collection

Watching others play Minecraft allows them to broaden their experience from just playing to being a means to share experiences and learn from one another. There is a lot of content available and attract attention, educate and be useful for children.

Children are easily obsessed with Minecraft and watching YouTube videos is part of that obsession. But watching Minecraft videos on YouTube is not a problem. An indication of the problem is to look at the amount of time spent, and its impact on the health and mood of the child.

It’s important for parents to help children enjoy Minecraft’s hobbies in a healthy way, discuss how to be a healthy gamer, the need for occasional breaks, and set rules for playing games properly and give rewards for compliance.

There are 3 types of world in Minecraft. First is Overworld, where players start to adventure and survive at first. Second is the Nether, Hell Minecraft version where Zombie Pigman, Ghast, Blaze, and Wither Skeleton are.

While the third is The End, the place where the Enderdragon and the Enderman are. After defeating Enderdragon, players can return to the universe or go to Endcity and Endship where players get Elytra or some kind of mine.

Minecraft has five game modes: Survival, Creative, Adventure, Hardcore, and Audience Mode. Minecraft also has 4 difficulty levels that can be changed as desired, namely Peaceful, Easy, Normal, and Hard.

Minecraft coloring pages is approach method to the children to explain about the goodness or badness of playing minecraft. Children will more aware and well manage in playing minecraft.

Download Minecraft Coloring Pages PDF