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Moana has an unusual princess story who struggles to save her people. Unlike the other typical Disney princesses, Moana is portrayed as a brave, unique and ambitious princess to realize dreams

Moana in far away from the figure of a blond princess who lives in a magnificent palace, wearing a dress that sweeps the floor, with a crown over her head, surrounded by members of the royal family and the figure of a handsome prince.

Moana Coloring Pages Collection

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Nowthere is  ‘unusual’ princess figure named Moana. Moana is described as a 16-year-old teenager who has an attachment to the ocean. Born and raised as a potential successor to the tribal chief on Motonui Island, Moana’s destiny has actually been written as a leader. But on the way, he tried to find the true identity of his people. With the help of her grandmother, Moana tried to find her ‘roots’. The journey she had to do in order to save his village that began to be exposed to the ‘evil’ black of Te Ka, the devil shaped volcano crater.

Not only that, this film also provide other reasons why this spectacle can be an appropriate educational media for children.  Moana character brings to foster the confidence of girls who watch her story in the movie.

As the main character, Moana is not described as a perfect figure. He even has a normal body shape like an common girl. It makes the children realize that anyone can be a princess. Moana’s story emphasizes the more ‘soul calling’ of the main character who wants to save his village. On her journey to find Maui, Moana actually didn’t know how to sail and drive a boat. However, throughout her story in the film, you will be presented with how hard this brown-skinned daughter learns to navigate the ocean.

Eventually, he became a reliable explorer and sailor in his village.A good message to teach your child to be someone who does not give up.

That’s way by using Moana character as coloring pages, it can  generate the children savor in coloring subject. Moana is perfect coloring pages to introduce this decent character to the children.

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