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Penguins belong to the Spheniscidae family. They are considered to be flightless seabirds since their body is covered with plumage, but their physical condition prevents them from flying.

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Diving time varies with the type of species, but the Emperor penguin is the one that can dive the longest, holding its breath for up to 18 minutes.

The oxygen reserves of penguins during their prolonged stay at sea are distributed throughout their muscles and not in their lungs as most animals do, this is because their muscle tissues contain high amounts of myoglobin, a protein in charge of storing and transporting oxygen.

Although many people do not know it, penguins are birds that do not fly but have feathers. They are Sphenisciform birds.

The main difference with other types of birds is that penguin birds are not adapted to flight, and therefore do not appear to be feathers, but rather resemble mammal hair if viewed from a distance.

Although they are not used for flying, these feathers do have a unique adaptation that makes them waterproof and enables them to preserve the air.

So, penguins can float better inside the water and regulate their temperature outside it to tolerate the cold climates in which they live.

Although they are birds, penguins do not fly. They are a species that lost the ability to fly thousands of years ago because it was not necessary for them to stay alive.

Penguins have a hard time getting up from the ground and are very good at swimming instead. This is why the development of flying skills has diminished in favor of the ability to swim.

Although flight could serve them to go faster to other areas or to escape from predators, it seems that their wings adapted better to the water, to make the act of swimming more efficient, and finally, they lost the ability to fly.

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