Shrek Coloring Pages PDF

Get the collection of Shrek coloring pages on this page. The life of the angry green ogre, Shrek, is suddenly turned upside down by a group of characters cast out of the fairy tale kingdom by the evil Lord Farquaad.

To return to tranquility in his remote swamp, Shrek improvises as a hero and, with the talking donkey Donkey, sets off in search of the lord’s betrothed, and the beautiful Princess Fiona held captive in a manor guarded by a dragon.

Shrek Coloring Pages

Feeling assaulted and not knowing what to do, Shrek decides to go to the city to ask for revocation. Accompanied by Donkey, he arrives just as the tournament is underway.

Then he will have to establish who will be in charge of freeing Princess Fiona, who, later marrying Farquaad, will make him king.

By chance, Shrek wins the tournament, goes with Donkey in search of Fiona, frees her from the dragon, and, on the way back, falls in love with her.

Even though he knows he doesn’t stand a chance, he’s about to come out when he hears Fiona talking about beauty and monsters.

He thinks the sentence is addressed to him (while Fiona is under a spell that makes her beautiful by day and ugly by night), he becomes sad, hands the girl over to the king and retires inside the house.

Warned in time by Donkey of the misunderstanding, he rushes to the wedding venue and manages to interrupt it.

Farquaad tries to have them arrested, but they get the better of him, and a new wedding between Shrek and Fiona is prepared for everyone’s delight.

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