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What kind of car is carried on the streets to help people in trouble? Who turns on the siren so that everyone around is giving way?

Of course, it’s an ambulance, white as milk, and decorated with a red cross! And doctors are sitting in it, ready at any time of day and night to go on a call and help sick people.

Printable Ambulance Coloring Pages

When an ambulance arrives?
Reasons to call an ambulance may include flu and ODS fever, dizziness, head and chest pains, neuralgia, breathing difficulties (except for asthma), and exacerbation of chronic diseases (when there is no threat to life).

An emergency team leaves when there is no immediate threat to life, and urgent hospitalization is not required. However, the emergency physician may find that the patient’s condition is more severe than previously thought. If this is the case, he or she calls an ambulance team to hospitalize the person.

Order and time of ambulance service: the instruction booklet
An ambulance leaves when a person’s life is in danger, and emergency medical care is required.

This is care for accidents, emergencies, various acute conditions such as fractures, wounds, heart attacks, poisoning, sudden illness with loss of consciousness, bleeding, etc.

Download Ambulance Coloring Pages PDF