Easter Bunny Coloring Pages PDF To Print

Surely you have heard of the Easter bunny, especially in Anglo-Saxon countries such as the United Kingdom and the United States, as in these places, it is very typical to decorate and give away Easter eggs.

There is a collection of easter bunny coloring pictures on this page. You can print then color them with your favorites colors—so happy coloring.

Easter Bunny Coloring Pages To Print

In many Easter decorations, as it is known in Anglo-Saxon countries, you can find the Easter bunny. And, as with eggs, Easter bunnies are often made from chocolate and sugar. In Germany, for example, this tradition of eating sweet Easter bunnies is very typical.

The origin of the Easter bunny is related to the pre-Christian and Anglo-Saxon festivals. The rabbit was used as a symbol of fertility.

It was associated with the goddess Easter, to whom tributes and offerings were made during April in all the villages of northern Europe. With time, this evolved and adapted to the Holy Week.

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