Axolotl Coloring Pages to Print

Axolotl, or the Mexican salamander, not only enchants for its tender and smiling appearance, this species has characteristics that surprise anyone.

You can learn about that animal on this page through axolotl coloring pages to print. Please use your favorite colors to make them perfect. Happy coloring.

Printable Axolotl Coloring Pages

At first glance, it looks like a giant tadpole. However, the axolotl has quite peculiar characteristics: it is an elongated salamander with a compact trunk, large head, and small eyes (without eyelids). 

Its mouth has a large capacity and contains tiny teeth arranged in rows at the oral cavity entrance. 

It resembles frogs in that it has a retractile tongue and uses the external lateral gills on the neck for respiration, allowing water through the mouth to escape through the moving gills. 

The oxygen-laden water passes through the gills near the blood capillaries and reaches the blood by gradient exchange. In the same way, carbon dioxide exits into the water in the opposite direction.

The pulmonary sacs of what was considered the reincarnation of the god Xolotl (patron saint of the dead and resurrected for primitive Mexicans) are barely fully developed. 

Despite this, the salamander occasionally rises to the surface to breathe air. It is an endemic species of Mexico, not in vain it is only found in the lake of Xochimilco, where it survives in critical danger.

Its distribution is limited only to the central zone of the Mexican Republic. Its habitat is the lakes near Mexico City, especially Lake Xochimilco since most of the leading lakes no longer exist.

Consequently, its distribution has been considerably reduced. The salamander likes to live in the depths of the calm waters and among the flora, at a rarely higher than 20 degrees Celsius.

It is carnivorous and feeds on smaller animals such as fish, worms, and other insects that inhabit the lakes.

It eats anything it can catch, including mollusks and other amphibians. The salamander feeds on other fish, worms, and mosquito larvae in captivity.

To find its food, it uses its sense of smell. To ingest it, it absorbs it into its stomach.

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