Ballet Coloring Pages PDF

Do your daughter love ballet? Ballet is a specific form of stage dance and an independent art form. The dancers tell a story or express a certain mood or feeling through their movements and steps.

On this page, you can find a hilarious collection of ballet coloring pictures to print. Please browse this page to get all of them. We sure it will make your daughter happy.

Ballet Coloring Pages Collection

The technique promotes strength, flexibility, and precision and has become the basis for many other artistic dance styles. The ballet has its vocabulary, and the language is French.

Today’s classical ballet technique originated in France in the 18th century. It was improved in that time, rules for stage dance and training were created, and many famous choreographies were created.

Over time, classical ballet spread to other countries and was modified accordingly, so that the basic technique was still the same. Nevertheless, differences and other emphases developed – different schools of classical ballet emerged.

The word ballet comes from the Italian “Balletto” and “ballo” and originally meant “dance” or “classical dance”. Today the term “ballet” is mostly used as a synonym for “classical ballet.”

It is also a collective term for all dance styles that have their origin in classical ballet (modern ballet, jazz ballet, etc.). Sometimes it is used as a synonym for the dance group, dance or choreography.

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