Zentangle Coloring Pages PDF

Zentangle is a relaxing and pleasant way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns. Get the fantastic zentangle coloring pictures on this page.

There are the printable zentangle coloring pages that you can color with your favorites color. Happy coloring This method is simple to understand and very fun to practice, even if you are convinced that you are not an artist.

Zentangle Coloring Pages

It can be considered as a new form of art that can be learned and used by people of any age, without the need for any prior knowledge.

The Zentangle is a method, was created by Americans Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas.

This method came about when Maria told Rick (her husband) about the feeling of freedom, well being, and attention she felt when drawing background patterns for one of her works of art.

As she drew these patterns, she also noticed that all thoughts and worries were left aside. It was a way of meditating by making art!

Rick and Maria then thought about creating a simple system that other people could follow to enjoy this same feeling. They could hardly imagine the proportion this method would reach.

“Drawing Zentangle” is becoming more and more popular, reaching people of all ages and spreading around the world.

Download Zentangle Coloring Pages PDF