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A dump truck is a vehicle specially designed for transporting and unloading goods. It has two parts: the cab, where the driver is housed, and an open box, where the goods are transported.

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A dump truck is a tractor-trailer with a dump box at the rear, which is used to transport materials such as sand, soil, and debris. The box, known as a hopper, works through a hydraulic mechanism that allows it to be lifted.

The first version of a dump truck used to transport and dump material was nothing more than a simple dump body cart pulled by horses. In its beginnings, it was used in open pit mines and traveled along railroad tracks. 

By 1940 the first articulated dump truck was designed to pull scrapers and later modified for unloading purposes, while in the 60s significant advances were achieved in the design of dump trucks.

This bodywork must be marked by its functionality, robustness, and safety. In this sense, specific basic regulations are established for its proper use, such as the distribution of the load in an equitable manner.

Also, its filling system must be carried out from a more minor to a larger volume, and the vehicle must be at ground level before loading.

Likewise, the hopper or trough can be loaded differently depending on the industry or sector where they are used. One of the most commonly used filling techniques is using a backhoe or mechanical shovel if we are in the construction industry.

Another technique is filling by chimango, basically for emptying cereals in the field, and manual filling, which is used in a few circumstances when it is difficult to access the truck to the work area.

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