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Butterfly is one of the most admired animals for its beauty. Various motifs of the wings make the butterfly highly admired. Some people even collect it in a form that has been preserved.

Most of us might already know that butterflies undergo a life cycle called metamorphosis. Each phase always produces a different form. Starting from the tangible phase of the egg, then hatching into caterpillars and eating the surrounding leaves.

After that, the caterpillar will bear fruit into crystals or what we often call cocoons. Do we know that during the cocoon phase, the would-be butterfly will fast for several weeks?

Then when the time comes, the butterfly will break the cocoon’s skin and start learning to fly. During this phase the butterfly will find a mate and eventually lay eggs and continue its metamorphosis cycle.

Butterfly Coloring Page

Butterflies are admired for the beauty of their diverse wings. Children need to know if the butterfly’s wings are actually transparent. The wings of a butterfly are formed from a collection of layers called chitin. Chitin forms a wing frame and a thin layer of wings. Furthermore, this transparent surface will be covered by thousands of small scales. These scales form a color pattern on the wings of a butterfly, especially when exposed to sunlight.

The feet of the butterfly are used to feel. Butterflies use it to find a place to find food and a host tree to lay their eggs later.  The shape of the mouth of an adult butterfly is elongated like a straw called proboscis (a kind of proboscis). This is what causes butterflies to only eat fluids from flowers and can not chew something solid like leaves during the caterpillar phase.

At temperatures below 12º C the butterfly will not be able to fly. Butterflies are a type of animal with blood that freezes easily, besides butterflies are also unable to regulate their own body temperature.  Most butterflies only live for 2-4 weeks. After getting out of the cocoon the butterfly has only two tasks from its life. First is looking for food and second is looking for a partner to get married. After the butterfly carries out its work the butterfly will die by itself.

This beautiful creature is very appropriate to be a media for coloring pages because it’s unique and beautiful. Children will be very interested to color this butterfly picture.

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