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Moose are the largest mammals belonging to the deer family, which includes numerous species such as the pudu and caribou. Get these large animals on this page.

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Moose Coloring Pages

Moose are large animals, measuring up to 2.4-3.2 meters in length, 1.4-2.15 meters in height, and weighing up to 700 kg, although specimens weighing just over 800 kg have been found.

Sexual dimorphism is marked because the females do not have antlers like the males, and these present a kind of dewlap under the snout. Both have visibly elongated heads towards the front.

They are excellent swimmers and agile to run despite their large size since they manage to dive for 30 seconds and run up to 56 km/h at short distances.

Male moose are mammals with the most massive antlers in the world. These antlers can weigh up to 20 kilos and are released every year to grow again. The dark coat of this animal is very thick due to the condition of its habitat and is made up of hair approximately 25 cm long.

Their sense of sight is very deficient, which is why they do not have night activity, but they have excellent hearing and smell that allows them to have the right orientation.

They are usually solitary animals but can gather in small groups or see mothers with their young together. They are active during sunrise and sunset.

In the case of mothers, they are very protective of their offspring and usually attack possible predators with their hooves.

Except for short migrations, moose remain in the same territory but do not usually defend it as their nature is not aggressive.

The height of the moose allows them to reach high bushes and hardly feed on grasses at ground level.

Their herbivorous diet is based on tree bark, branches, roots, and plants such as willows and poplars. When in aquatic environments, they eat water plants, water lilies, and strawberries.

They spend most of their time feeding and consuming up to 30 kilos of food every day. The elk’s full stomachs can weigh up to 65 kilos.

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