Castle Coloring Pages PDF Printable

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The castles are high fortifications built to defend people and control extensive territories, where the base from which the lord and his soldiers could launch attacks against enemies, but a castle was also the home of the lord and his family and his entourage.

Castle Coloring Pages Printable

The territorial lord built a castle. According to the time and place, it can be the emperor, the king, the various ranks of the aristocracy, the free commune, the bishop, the abbey, or the local lord more or less abusive and more or less important.

Alongside these, many minor castles were built by locally notable families, who, in their more or less vast possessions, created points of control over the territory. We will mention, for example, the Alidosi, the Tiberti, the Oliva, the Gaboardi, but in each province, there are dozens of them.

The vital function of the castle is to save people from enemy raids. On the other hand, the castle has another role, such as the inhabitants of the county and their property. Castles were placed in the custody of specific economic resources, a mine, a bridge toll, a toll on a road.

In some cases, the castle was the residence. It was a primary or secondary territorial lord who made it the seat of his court, large or small, his refuge in case of defeat on the field or assault by neighbors and finally the physical ostentation of its importance with the size and wealth of the building.

More often, the castles were seen as obstacles placed along the path of a possible enemy, who would not dare to continue his raid leaving behind enemy garrisons.

The castles, therefore, delayed the invasions for the time necessary for their conquest or at least weakened the enemy by forcing him to leave behind blocking contingents at every castle not conquered.

We can conclude that the castle was a strategic bulwark that blocked the way to the enemies on a pass or along a road, valley, river, and so on.

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