Autumn Coloring Pages PDF For Kids

Thee leaves are falling, it’s getting colder and wetter again and the dark days are coming. But autumn can also be beautiful. There are many-colored leaves in the forest, mushrooms (red with white dots), pumpkins, squirrels.

Is it raining? Don’t worry, and the children will enjoy themselves with the collection of beautiful autumn coloring pictures below. On this page, we present you autumn coloring pictures. So, Happy coloring.

Collection of Autumn Coloring Pages

Autumn is the season that follows summer and precedes winter. In the northern hemisphere, autumn begins at the September equinox — a date that varies from year to year (September 21, 22, 23) and ends at the December solstice on December 21.

In the southern hemisphere, fall begins with the March equinox — March 20, 21 — and ends with the June solstice on June 21. The length of this season is therefore variable, with an advantage for the northern hemisphere where it lasts 90 days compared to an average of 92.7 days in the southern hemisphere.

Autumn is characterized by a gradual decrease in outdoor temperatures, more frequent rainy and humid weather, and a significant drop in brightness (the days decrease until the winter solstice). In temperate regions, autumn is also marked by forests turning flashy colors and the fall of tree leaves.

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