Printable Chicken Coloring Pages

Chickens are the most common birds on earth. They are raised for their eggs and meat worldwide, from huge farms to people’s backyards. 

Chickens usually live in groups, each taking care of their brood. Here we leave you a lot of printable chicken coloring pages for you to download, print and color as you like.

Free Chicken Coloring Pages

Printable Chicken Coloring Pages - chicken coloring pages for adults
Printable Chicken Coloring Pages - Free Printable Chicken Coloring Page
Printable Chicken Coloring Pages - chicken coloring pages printable
Printable Chicken Coloring Pages - Printable chicken coloring pages
Printable Chicken Coloring Pages - chicken coloring pages to print
Printable Chicken Coloring Pages - farm animal coloring pages chicken
Chicken Coloring Page Best of Chicken Farm Animal Coloring Page
Printable Chicken Coloring Pages - chicken coloring pages

The chicken is an animal that lives on farms and is usually raised for meat production since it is the bird with the best growth and production properties. In addition, it is often used for the reproduction process of hens.

This animal is often bred over other farm poultry due to its excellent weight gain and rapid development properties. Therefore, it is common for chicken to be mass-raised to meet the world’s comprehensive demand for its meat products.

The chicken is one of the oldest birds to be domesticated, so it has been more than 10,000 years since it began to be bred to meet man’s needs. This makes it essential to know some aspects of this animal, such as its diet and way of life.

Thanks to humans, chicken has spread throughout the world. Naturally, the hen would look for a safe place to build a nest, but nowadays, humans provide it, and they can live almost anywhere, generally in pens or cages, although some are on farms in semi-freedom.

Chickens are omnivorous animals, so they feed on meat and vegetables. It is common to see chickens seen foraging and digging in the ground for seeds, berries, and insects, but they may also feed on larger animals, such as lizards and even small mice.

The chicken is prey to many predators, such as foxes, cats, dogs, raccoons, snakes, etc. Eggs are also coveted and will be stolen by these animals and other larger birds.

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