Printable Frog Coloring Pages PDF For Kids

When it rains, frog coloring is the best way to have a good time. The frog prefers bad weather. The wetter the weather, the happier she is. He jumps for joy at the first drizzle, then, resting on his favorite water lily, he opens his big mouth and croaks as long as the shower lasts.

The green frog is amusing. As the song says, as soon as it rains and gets wet, it’s a frog party! Well, sometimes people say she’s so proud that she wants to get as big as an ox, but I don’t believe it. So, have fun with the frog coloring pictures below.

Printable Frog Coloring Pages For Kids

The frog lives both on land and in the water. It can be found on all five continents, in any environment with sufficient humidity (woods, marshes, meadows, etc.).

As a tadpole, the frog is herbivorous and feeds on tiny aquatic plants. As an adult, it is carnivorous and feeds on small invertebrates such as dragonflies, butterflies, flies, worms, etc. It catches them from a distance thanks to its long slimy and sticky tongue.

Females lay hundreds or thousands of soft, shellless eggs in the water, which will later develop into tadpoles. Tadpoles have a small tail that allows them to swim, but it will disappear as the four legs grow. The adult frog will be fully formed about 3 to 4 months after laying.

A frog lives an average of 5 years, but some species are more robust and can live up to 15 years.

The frog always croaks, day and night, especially during the breeding season. It’s a way for males to attract females to them. Moreover, the latter prefer males with a deep song at a fast pace.

Download Frog Coloring Pages PDF