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The sheep is one of the first animals that man has tried to domesticate in the world. From sheep, we can obtain many products that we need for everyday life: wool, milk, and meat.

Funny Sheep Coloring Pages for Kids

Throughout the ages, sheep have proved to be truly useful for the history of humankind as a whole. They provided the wool: we could dress and protect ourselves from frost thanks to them. Sheep’s milk has numerous benefits for our organism.

Finally, it was one of the few sources of food during the Neolithic age, when hunting and harvesting were essential for survival. Today, however, there is a tendency to raise sheep for other purposes, and sheep meat is not very widespread, if not only in some parts of the world.

A sheep lives on average about 20 years of age. We can understand the age of a sheep by counting its teeth. It is precisely the teeth of the lower arch that reveal the age of the sheep as they change over the years.

For example, lambs have eight temporary milk teeth, which, over time, are naturally replaced by the definitive ones: first, the two frontal incisors, which change at two years of age, until they reach the age of 4 when the dentition is completed.

The most important physical characteristic of the sheep is its veil: there are different breeds of sheep, which have even a more valuable veil. White sheep are more common, but this is not the only color we can find: dirty grey, hazelnut, and in some cases, very rare, even black.

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