Godzilla Coloring Pages PDF

On this page, you will find Godzilla coloring pictures to print. You can choose the images you love below, happy coloring. Its original name is Gojira, but in the West, it is known as Godzilla.

They are vaguely reptiloid and upright creatures. They are covered in scales and can live comfortably on land and in water.

Godzilla Coloring Pages

The differences are equally numerous. To begin with, the size of Godzilla has grown steadily over the years (sometimes even throughout the same film).

In the first film of 1954, Godzilla was only 50 meters high. In 1998, it had reached a hundred and seven meters. Godzilla’s powers have also changed a lot throughout its history.

It has always been endowed with high strength and partial or total invulnerability to conventional weapons. In all Japanese films, it also can spit out a kind of hot flame.

Over time Godzilla has also learned to fly, to throw fireballs and rays out of his eyes, not to mention his judo moves, a kind of “electric bite” or his ability to predict the future.

The two American films, the 1998 film and the 2014 film tend to paint a more “realistic” Godzilla without particularly improbable powers or features that are too incredible.

In particular, the Godzilla of 1998 fed on fish, while all the others, including the one of 2014, fed on “radiation” in various forms.

The “King of Monsters” has always had, also from a historical point of view, a secure link with atomic energy. In 1954, when the first film about Godzilla was released, the United States was testing the first hydrogen bombs in the Pacific.

It was a new type of bomb that multiplied the radioactive dangers of previous fission bombs. Less than ten years earlier, Hiroshima and Nagasaki had been bombed with this very last type of weapon.

It was becoming increasingly clear that the confrontation between the United States and the Soviet Union would be an armed confrontation between superpowers equipped with nuclear weapons of unimaginable power.

In the first film of 1954, Godzilla is an ancient monster that awakens from a nuclear explosion.

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