Witch Coloring Pages PDF To Print

According to the dictionary, a witch is a woman believed to have evil magical powers and who practices witchcraft. Get the witch coloring pictures below. Please chose your favorites then color them with your favorite colors. Happy coloring.

Witches have often been portrayed in fairy tales as wearing a black coat and a pointed hat and flying on a broom. Or as an ugly older woman with an ugly face. She’s the villain in fairy tales and stories.

Witch Coloring Pages To Print

However, as time went by, people forgot this. Later, with the arrival of Christianity, they related it to something sinister.

Witches are linked to particular objects, such as the broom, cobwebs, dark clothes, and cauldrons. And even to individual animals, such as black cats, ravens, frogs, snakes, bats, mice, or owls.

The word means “wise woman”. In the past, they were simple women who had some knowledge of magic. They knew the power of herbs and plants, and they could use them to do good or evil because they knew how to make potions using plants to heal.

The broom is a symbol of the witch. They used it to sweep the negative energy out of their house… black cats too.

They had black cats because they could supposedly absorb all the negative energy where they sat. Unfortunately, it’s that old superstition that makes us say today that black cats bring bad luck.

In the Middle Ages, the witch became the most frightening and respected person, mainly because they knew good and evil through their potions.

In fairy tales, the witch is mean and ugly. But there are many types of witches. They can be tall and thin, small and fat.

In most cases, they have a big nose, a disgusting wart on their face, long fingernails and wrinkled fingers, a pointed chin, and a pale or green complexion. Their clothing is loose and dark, and they wear pointy shoes.

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