Princess Jasmine Coloring Pages PDF

Jasmine, the Sultan’s daughter, is bored stiff in his Golden Palace. She then decides to wander the streets of the city anonymously. That’s how she meets Aladdin.

Together, they will live an extraordinary adventure and fall in love with each other. Get The collection of beautiful Jasmine coloring pictures to print below. Then….. happy coloring!

Collection of Beautiful Princess Jasmine Coloring Pages

Jasmine is the princess of the city of Agrabah, of the Arabian desert, and the heroine of the Disney film, Aladdin. At the age of 14, Jasmin lives in a luxurious palace with her father, the Sultan, and her pet tiger, Rajah.

Shortly before her fifteenth birthday, the Sultan issues a law that intends to force her to choose a prince as her husband, but the young woman is not willing to give her hand in marriage to one of the princes her father suggests.

She wants to marry for love, no obligation! Jasmine, then, decides to rebel against her father’s designs and escapes from the palace.

Her first time out of the gates of her home did not turn out so well. She accidentally got into serious trouble for giving an apple, without paying for it, to a poor and hungry child. The merchant, in retaliation, sets out to try and amputate the frightened princess’s hand.

Surprisingly, and to Jasmin’s good fortune, a young man from the street appears to save her from the cruel punishment: Aladdin.

Jasmine’s adventures with Aladdin are many, and you can enjoy them all in the movies Aladdin, The Return of Jafar, Aladdin and the King of the Forty Thieves, and of course, in Aladdin: the Disney animated series.

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