Paw Patrol Coloring Pages PDF

PAW Patrol is a pre-school animated television series from Canada created by Keith Chapman.  The main Characters of this cartoon series is Ryder .

He  is the leader of puppies in conducting rescue operations in the city of Adventure Bay. Ryder drives a number 1 ATV, which can be driven when on land, sea and on ice.

Paw Patrol Coloring Pages Collection

There are many more additional characters of paw patrol cartoon series , such as Zuma, a puppy labrador retriever ; Cap’n Turbot / Horatio Turbot a good friend of PAW Patrol who works as a sea captain; Everest a Siberian Husky puppy who is the newest member of PAW Patrol ; Tracker, a chihuahua puppy ;  Katie, a good friend of PAW Patrol who owns an animal clinic ; Cali, a stubborn gray cat named ; Francois Turbot, a careless cousin of Cap’n Turbot ; Farmer Al, a farmer in Adventure Bay ; Farmer Yumi, a farmer in Adventure Bay and many other support characters.

PAW Patrol ilustrate puppies’ life and provide interested funny story in every episodes. Children like them so much so that it is very right, if  PAW patrol coloring pages is applied to rise children’s creativity in coloring picture.

Download Paw Patrol Coloring Pages PDF