Cartoon Lion King Coloring Pages PDF for Kids

Coloring The Lion King is excellent leisure time for a child who loves an animated masterpiece by Walt Disney Studio. Here you will find coloring pictures of the characters and the most famous scenes of the cartoon. Go on a thrilling adventure through the African jungle with Simba.

Simba is the successor to the throne, something that his uncle Scar, Mufasa’s younger brother, does not like, resentful for not being able to reign and so he prepares a plan to occupy the throne.

Cartoon Lion King Coloring Pages for Kids

Years later, an adult Simba rescues Pumba from being eaten by a lioness. This turns out to be his old childhood friend Nala, who, recognizing him, asks him to return to regain the throne.

The kingdom has become a real mess, poorly governed, and without food or water. Simba, who at first does not want to give up his current lifestyle, finally agrees after having a conversation with a baboon named Rafiki, who tells him about his father.

At that moment, his father’s soul appears in the sky, telling him that he must remember who he is and where he comes. After Mufasa’s soul disappears, Simba, along with Rafiki, reflects on what he should do and so he immediately goes home to claim the throne.

Simba, who at first everyone mistakes for his father, witnessed the decline of his kingdom and in anger decides to act. It is at this moment that Simba forces Scar to reveal the secret he kept all those years: to be responsible for the death of Mufasa. Even though Simba claims it was an accident, Scar takes advantage of it, and along with his hyenas, leads him to the edge of a cliff.

At that moment, thunder falls on the dry grassland and starts a fire. Simba slips and tries to hold on, with his front legs over the edge. Then Scar grabs him by the legs and confesses at that moment, that he was the real killer of his father. Simba, full of rage, jumps on Scar and forces him to admit publicly.

Scar ends up being killed by hyenas, which were also his allies. After a final battle, the cycle of life closes with Simba’s ascent to the throne, with the last punch line of an epilogue, in which Simba and Nala marry, and Rafiki introduces the new and future successor of both, Kiara.

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