Cute Bambi Coloring Pages PDF

Encourage your child to paint this coloring picture of Bambi. Painting is very beneficial for the development of children. With our recommended coloring pictures, children learn as they play.

There is a collection of Bambi coloring pictures, the most loved and known characters of Disney. Your child will have great satisfaction when he realizes that he can paint and fill with colors Bambi.

Cute Bambi Coloring Pages

The film tells the life of a small deer from birth to old age. The Disney factory produced the sequel, called Bambi II, in 2006, but it is not a continuation, but it tells the life of the little deer when it goes to live with its father, after the death of its mother.

Bambi begins with the birth of forest Prince’s son, and during this extraordinary event, we get to know all the inhabitants of the place, who are curious to see the newborn baby for the first time.

The little one, insecure and somewhat clumsy at first, learns his mother’s lessons about how to survive in the forest and experiments in the company of his friends Tambor and Flor.

But Bambi’s happy childhood is cut short when a poacher kills his mother, and Bambi must go live with his father. At the same time, the small and frightened fawn that accompanies the Prince of the forest returns converted into a strong and sure deer that must fight for Faline, her childhood friend, and that will become the love of her life.

The film ends as it began, with the birth of two fawns, in this case, the children of Bambi and Faline.

Bambi is a masterpiece of animation and the best that had ever been made, according to the experts. The film was carried out in five years. An extreme care was taken both in the drawings and animations of the animals and in the scenes’ backgrounds.

Another aspect that makes Bambi an extraordinary film is the soundtrack. Composed by Frank Churchill, it received two Oscar nominations: for best soundtrack and best song, Love is a Song. Also, the film got a third nomination for the best sound.

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