Printable Sunflower Coloring Pages PDF

This funny sunflower shines all over your face. What she is missing now are bright colors. But you can certainly help her with that. Just print out the coloring picture and color it with your pens.

Sunflowers are a genus within the family of composite flowers . They are annual or perennial plants with growth heights between 25 and 300 centimeters. You can choose your favorites below, have fun!

Printable Sunflower Coloring Pages

The flowers of all sunflowers are yellow to orange-red and appear from July to September, depending on the species. The diameter of the basket flowers varies greatly and can reach 30 centimeters for the annual sunflower.

The leaves are usually heart-shaped to lanceolate and opposite. Sunflowers are best known as garden plants: a tall stem with an enormous flower on it.

The plants offered in pots are more compact and have been cultivated in such a way that they do not release pollen. This way, the heart of the flower remains beautifully dark and forms a nice contrast to the yellow petals.

The sunflowers, as Vincent van Gogh painted them, consist of yellow ray flowers surrounding a dark heart and are the most commonly offered cut flowers and potted plants in the trade.

But there are also potted sunflowers with a yellow or brown heart or with lemon, orange or red-ray flowers. Beautiful variety names such as Sunsation or Funshine are therefore also very suitably selected.

Sunflowers are highly photosynthetic and bind considerable amounts of carbon dioxide. As compass plants, they align themselves with sunlight (heliotropism). On sunny days, the buds follow the course of the sun from east to west, only to turn east again after sunset.

Sunflowers are heat-loving, nutrient-consuming plants and require good soil. The moisture requirements are modest. They can extract pollutants from the ground and can thus contribute to the decontamination of contaminated soils.

The home of all species of the genus Helianthus is North America. The sunflower originated from the arid regions and was already cultivated as a useful plant by the Native Americans.

Archaeological findings prove that the sunflower was already developed in the Mississippi region. The fruit of the sunflower is harvested by machine and seeded after drying.

The oil from the seeds is obtained by pressing or extraction, then filtered and deodorized. It is used as an edible oil for margarine production and in the paint industry.

The remaining press cake can be used as an animal feed with a protein content of 40-50%. The kernels are used as bird food or for human consumption.

Besides, small amounts of rubber are found in the parenchyma tissue of plants. Today, the main sunflower growing areas are China, the United States, Russia, Ukraine, and the rest of Europe.

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