Dolphin Coloring Pages PDF for Kids

Who’s that swimming in the sea? Here you can print out your dolphin coloring picture. Then you can color in your dolphin picture with your favorite colors.

It is a unique event when dolphins emerge from the water or show their jumps in front of a ship. Dolphins are mammals and belong to the toothed whales (Odontoceti). Many people think that they are fish, but they are not at all related to the fish!

Dolphin Coloring Pages for Kids

Each dolphin seems to be able to express its own identity. It appears that each individual also has its voice. The identity whistle is probably the best known and most studied whistle, which a calf develops in the first weeks after its birth.

Bottlenose dolphins can produce up to 32 different sounds, most of which are so high that we humans can no longer perceive them.

Dolphins are very sensual animals; they always touch each other, this is an expression of affection, and it does not always necessarily lead to mating. Scientists have observed that any excuse for touching is okay for them; they are affectionate to each other and show it too.

However, the actual mating only lasts a short time, about 30 seconds. Dolphins spend 80 percent of their life with sex, which is often seen by playing with each other, that is then already the love play.

They mate with their conspecifics, and it does not matter if it is a male, a female, young or old. The love play is as essential for them as for humans. The male takes over the role of the sperm supplier and the female the burden of the entire reproduction and education.

Download Dolphin Coloring Pages PDF