Printable Supergirl Coloring Pages PDF

You can print and color your Supergirl coloring on this page. Come and have fun coloring the characters of this new successful animated series, featuring the greatest superheroes of high school comics.

Supergirl begins a long career in the collection of magazines that can be called the Superman Family. At that moment, Superman officially introduces his cousin to worldwide.

Printable Supergirl Coloring Pages

Kara Zor-El is 24 years old and comes from the planet Krypton. After the planet was destroyed, however, she lives under the name Kara Danvers on Earth with the Danvers family.

The young girl makes her appearance in Superman / Batman, and Darkseid and his henchmen quickly covet her. Initially speaking Kryptonian, Kara quickly learns the ways and customs of the Earth, and promptly joins in the fight against evil led by her cousin Superman.

DC Comics soon devotes a regular series to her, which shows the growing importance of Kara in this universe.

The story of the series adaptation is about 24-year-old Kara Zor-El. Kara Zor-El had to leave her home planet Krypton behind at the age of 12. The Danvers family subsequently adopted her on Earth.

Now she must learn to use her powers properly. The Danvers family taught her to be careful with her extraordinary gifts. However, in the wake of an unexpected catastrophe, Kara Zor-El has no choice but to make use of her superhuman abilities. An adventurous odyssey begins for the young superheroine.

Fortunately, the young woman has laser eyes that heat the metal to over 600 degrees, a chest that bounces off bullets without causing any damage, and super muscles that allow her to carry a Boeing on her back even if this one’s on fire.

Download Supergirl Coloring Pages PDF