Batgirl Coloring Pages Collection


Superheroes are a vigilante distinguished type by extraordinary abilities, usually with superhuman or supernatural powers. You can choose and color your favorite superhero on this page.

Yes, Batgirl coloring page printable is here. Batgirl is a character from DC Comics created by Bill Finger and Sheldon Moldoff in 1961.

Batgirl Coloring Pages Collection

Batgirl has an extraordinary power; and that’s where their merit lies. Although She has no superpowers like Wonder Woman, she has extraordinary courage, agility, and intelligence; and they use all their expertise in hand-to-hand combat along with Batman-style technology and devices to face their enemies.

Both Batwoman and Batgirl emerged as supposedly romantic partners of Batman and Robin, respectively; according to many, these characters were born to silence the rumors circulating about the allegedly homosexual relationship between Batman and Robin.

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Batgirl tells about a woman superhero named Barbara Gordon. Barbara Gordon was created by Gardner Fox and Carmine Infantino intentionally for the Batman series that was on the screen in the 1960s. The project’s producers thought the series should have more female characters, hence the creation of a helper for Batman.

However, they were taken by surprise by the character’s popularity and quickly realized its full potential. After a few years, it began to be used in comics, until today it is probably one of the most popular female characters in comics.

For one night, Barbara Gordon decided to go to a costume party, and she decided to dress up as a female version of Batman. During the party, Barbara sees the villain Mariposa Assassin trying to kidnap Bruce Wayne, but Barbara managed to stop it from happening.

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This event caught Bruce’s attention, and her career as a vigilante started this way for Barbara, who realized she could make a difference.

She took advantage of the fact that she was Commissioner Gordon’s daughter to get more information about Batman, using some police documents to start her investigation.

Finally, Barbara decided to put on her Batgirl uniform, began fighting Harry X. In the end, she defeated the criminal thanks to her knowledge of some martial arts. After this event, Batman gets in touch with her to congratulate her on her achievement. From this moment on, the heroine starts working with Batman and Robin.